Fancy helping me with a bit of design?

  • Hey all - I have a gig next Sat (24th). Is there anyone who'd like to knock me up a quick logo/design with my name (declutter) and my facebook page ( that I could get printed onto one of these...


    I should have thought of asking here earlier. I'm looking for something minimilist, monome-y, and low key; and I probably need it by Fri. Crazy stupid deadline I know.

  • any rough idea of what you want? I'll do it if you have an idea bud?

  • Do you do design stuff dean? A man of many talents!!

    I'm really looking for something to fill the space? I'd like to to display the same values of simplicity, sustainability, minimalism, adaptability that are monome.

    I like the little monome ident icon.

    I like the artwork on, I love the look of, or BoC Album covers...

    I'm not artistic in any shape or form.

  • ill mess around tomorrow, i dont have time to do anything spectacular but i can get the sort of effect your looking for. I have a saucy idea for a logo :)

  • cheers dean! I have one other friend also working on a idea. saucy sounds good.

  • awesome, means you can get to choose from a selection or if one of us doesnt finish it in time you have one other!

    Saucy is always good, thats how we do it here.

  • Here's my fallback. I'm not stealing a monome trademark by using orange buttons, am i?

  • whipped this up... might be a little too busy, but if ya like it lemme know and i'll send the original

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  • quite like them both.

    Nul autre - try minimalising yours and adding the original monome design? would be awesome.

  • chiming in here completely at random, but i used the following image for a gig poster once.

    it's a high res (6.8mb) image of some electron microscope bizness.

    slap some nice white helvetica over top, job done.

    it's by a guy called andy lomas.

    probably not strictly legal per se, but if it's just for a gig banner i reckon you'd be ok.

  • combined

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  • Nul Autre - cheers. There's something about the clean lines of the original font that I kind of like; there's a beauty with the monome that I would describe as 'digital with round edges'...

  • @tea - that image is amazing! I wonder what it is?

  • not sure really. something modeled like a snowflake or some such thing in nature? it's fractalicious whatever it is.

    "These works come from a study of organic natural forms and their relationship to simple mathematical rules.

    Influenced by the work of D'Arcy Thompson, Alan Turing and Ernst Haeckel, they study how intricate forms of plant and coral like structures can be created by digital simulation of flow and deposition.

    The sculptural shapes are created by a process of accretion over time. They are gradually grown by simulating the paths of millions of particles randomly flowing in a field of forces. Over time they build on top of an initial simple seed surface to produce structures of immense complexity."

  • fractalicious *like*

  • @tea knee

    I think your edit broke your link. ".pg" rather than ".jpg"