any ideas for a voice synth?

  • i saw this video of tehn (monomeet) using his voice to produce some strange (ambient?) synth style sounds.

    after playing around with my mic and live's effects and even virtual guitar amps & effects, i have no idea where to start.

    any ideas/recommendations for effect-combinations / audiosynths / free vsts ?

  • I don't think tehn was processing his voice; I think he was detecting the pitch and volume, and using that to drive a synth.

    The "where to start" for something like that would be here:

  • Or...

    Start with reverb. Lots and lots of reverb. And a sidechained compressor. when your voice is active, the gate is open and a lush wall of sound pours through. when your voice is silent, the gate shuts down and your reverb cuts abruptly off.

    Run that through a bit crusher, and run that through another reverb.

  • To use your voice all you need is reverb (not too much) and a long controlled ping pong type delay (if that's the sort of droney effect your looking for)

  • use the monome app wolves:

    i think tehn was actually using this that night. runs in my mind when i asked him afterward that he was using it.

  • meh-heh-heh...

    I just coincidentally stumbled upon this on synthtopia and thought of this thread.
    Scroll up for the video.

  • thanks everyone for the tipps & ideas.
    had some fun yesterday checking these different approaches.

    @GTZ: the piezo stuff is really interesting. i tried to install it & the analyzer & fftw (for windows) stuff needed but have trouble with fftw.

    i was led to belief these are ready to used & already compiled .dlls.
    tried putting them in max folder / app folder.
    still get an error when starting the max app: fftw not installed.

    so the big question is: where do i have to put these files / how to install them?

  • thanks to ioflow.

    got it working with fftw from