some trax & loops to download released under CC

  • hello,

    i was diggin through my hard discs and realized that there is so much stuff i've jammed together in the last 20 years that i'm never really going to make anything out of, so why not release them, maybe someone will have fun playing around with it

    i'm still not sure wether i'm going to release the more musical stuff i personally value a lot under CC, so i'm starting of the series with some sounddesign jamsessions that are a bit weird and experimental ... not the kind of stuff i'd listen to on the ipod on the way to work in the morning but kinda fun when listened to on a big fat sound system

    all done with the monos, lemur and kore ... hope u enjoy :)

  • haha, nice!
    will use some of these for a remix thing sometimes.

    how about a Creative Common licensed remix circle of monome users?
    grab a sample, remix it, upload some other samples, the next person's free to grab that and add stuff, and so on...

    kind of like a mcrp but with more freedom (not restricted to sample pool).