little video of me and my 128

  • hey everyone, I decided to throw together a little mini mix of all original stuff for some friends and I thought I'd share it here. I'm no edison, but i like to have fun :)

  • thanks man! It's hard for me to translate what I do in a club, when I'm just at home. I work the crowd quite a bit more and shit gets energetic and weird :)

    I'm glad you dug it tho - I'm sure there will be more, with better camera angles!

  • Your arms are about as hairy as mine. Your toons are better. Nuff respect.

  • didnt think someone would beat me on the hairy dope vid, where u from misk?

  • haha the bay area, but I'm in san diego these days. haha yeah man.. i got hairy arms :D

  • @misk:

    wait, you're in san diego, too? i've been wanting to get a local monomeet going for ages. there are about half a dozen of us, i think. we gots to jam.

  • i'd be down man. I'm heading up to LA to play a show at the airliner this weekend, then up to SFO, but It's spring break this next week - if you wanna get together!

  • phat beats & +1 on San Diego monomeet

  • thanks man! I've been in the middle of moving, but im done now and if every monome owner in SD want's to get together sometime soon, I'd be totally down!!

  • I like it!