to owners of 2008 macbook pro's

  • jus' thought i'd let u guys know, after having my laptop in and out of apple service centers for the last month, apple decided to replace my late 2008 macbook pro with a brand new current model. it turns out that all late 2008 models have a defective audio input. no matter what u plug in, there is always an extra bit of noise added to the signal. so if u have one of these models, and are covered by applecare, i suggest u try and have it replaced as i did.

  • thats crazy...but i never had applecare...did you have it for that long?

  • 2 years ago i had a 4 year old iMac that had tons of lines in the screen. i showed them a forum that showed multiple issues with the same model, claiming it was likely a model defect. Even though it was long out of warranty (and i wasn't even the original owner) they told me they would fix it for free. After many issues they still couldn't fix it and replaced it with a brand new iMac, warranty and everything.

    so @talos, i would do some forum research and approach it like i did. As a model defect (if you have the issue) and they may do to elquinto to you.
    Advice: just be nice and they'll be chill back to you, Apple seriously has some of the best customer service around. I dont know of any other company that would replace a 4 year old iMac, where i wasn't the original buyer and didnt have a receipt at all on me, with a brand new iMac! That is one reason to buy apple! :)

  • insanity lol thanks!

  • @talos yeah, i had applecare. they were still selling the 2008 models in 2009, just like right now the macbook pro's in stores are all late 2011 models. 2012 models havent been announced/released yet. applecare was a good investment. it totally paid off this time. i know someone that totally fried his mbp with a nasty water spill. applecare fixed it no problem. (although i'm sure he didn't mention the spill)

  • genius bar was a bit of a joke. after replacing my motherboard twice with no fix, and determining that all macbook pro's of this model have that problem, they suggested i buy a noise filter. (which wouldn't even work since the noise was from the input, not my cables or equipment) i ended up using phone-support, and i had a new macbook pro lined up within 30 minutes.

  • Apple and I (the dictionary agrees with me) seem to have a difference of opinion on the definition of the word genius.

    My dad bought a mac a few years ago, every few weeks he'd get an email from Apple trying to sell him something new, or some other service. Shame they didn't email him to say there was a known fault with the model (Capacitor plague), and an ongoing hardware replacement program, replacing old for new. He had registered the make and model of his product with apple, this is where they got his email address to send such marketing messages.

    The machine failed two days after the hardware replacement program had ended, and they wouldn't budge.

    Obviously, "your mileage may vary", the same could be said for pretty much any company.

    Never forget "Just avoid holding it that way" :)

  • I have a very noisy audio output on my old (silver) MBP bought in late 2008 from apple, but no apple care... It's not really a problem for me since I hardly listen on the road without an audio interface... But applecare is worth the money next time I guess..

  • @raja

    true enough, our opinions are often based on our experiences, i would agree with you and feel the same if i had that frustrating experience.

  • Apple's replaced 2 of my iphones both out of warranty both when it was my fault. Water damage on one and cracked screen on the other.

    I gave my older macbook to my mom. There was a problem with the hard drive, apples fault, they replaced it and gave her a copy of Lion. So far for me they've been great, even though I have had an issue or two sepcifically with a "genius"

  • Do the BlacBooks count on this as well? Any idea? I have AppleCare on this one as well...

  • @elquinto

    what, specifically, did you say/do to the representatives?

    i just called and worked with a rep for 10 or so minutes, but
    she told me it wasn't a problem with the late 2008 model. i
    am thinking about bringing it to the genius bar next to my day job,
    but want to be prepared with what exactly i should be saying.

    i mentioned the additional noise, but the rep told me to bring
    it to an apple store for a diagnostic analysis.. she couldn't offer
    any help / service.


  • first i went to the genius bar. i showed them that in logic pro/ableton the built-in audio input was giving off extra noise/static no matter what was plugged in. we tried a variety of cables and devices, iphone, iPod, cdplayer, ect. They ended up replacing my motherboard twice, neither times had any effect. Then they told me they tested for the problem on their 2008 macbook pro, and found that the noise was a problem there too, so they said it must be an issue with all 2008 macbook pro's. The last genius i talked too suggested i use some sort of noise filter or something, because there was nothing they could do. thats when i called apple support.

    btw aren't 2008 macbook pros way out of warranty by now? i don't know how much luck you'll have. i had applecare at the time...

  • the audio input on the macbook pro is a really big deal to me, so i was pretty assertive. i don't want to buy and lug around a $200+ audio interface just to sample from my iPhone/ipod or play guitar. totally pointless when the computer has an audio input built-in.

  • A month ago the GPU of my 2008 MBP broke... I already looked for a new Laptop, when a google search showed that my Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT unit was a bad series and apple repaired it for free (new motherboard; no applecare) Lucky! (sadly no entirely new device ^^)