House fire lost everything

  • First up everyone got out ok

    I may not be around for the next few weeks as we have had a house fire and the whole place has been trashed. everything has gone, everything is soaked. 2000 vinyl records, everything gone an an evening.... I don't even have any clothes of my own anymore. Double Bass and some instruments made it out alive... Monome was in the car. The stribe was warped and melted though and my V3 controller had a house fall on it and its twisted and melted.

    I am not sure which is worse the fire or the water to put it all out.

    I guess we'll just pick ourselves up and try and put it all back together again...
    Frankly I just want to sell up and move to somewhere warm and live with nothing but a few books and dogs.

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  • i'm so sorry about this man... if there's anything i can do to help you out, please, let me know.

    things get better.

  • shit buzz! glad everyone is ok, and insurance will help ease the pain i guess. still, hopefully a silver lining will show itself, and i guess a good chance for renewal has presented itself, that's not to take away from the shock and pain of what happened tho...all the best.

  • Well I'm glad that your all safe, sorry that pretty much everything was lost.

  • great to hear you're all okay, but man that sucks! I hope the insurance man coughs up quick.

    I pray that for every material possession you've lost, you'd be inundated with the priceless; love, happiness, inspiration, peace and joy.

  • this almost ruined my day.... those pictures are heartbreaking... good luck questing for the perfect replacement! good luck to the future!

  • That's terrible, Tanais. My heart goes out to you. Loosing your home and your possessions...

    It's good that you and your loved ones all got out. That's the important thing. With those guys you can rebuild and make a new home. Then, one day, this will all be just a tale to tell.

    Best wishes and good luck.

  • sweet jesus.
    Thoughts are with you.

  • That's sickening. Memory allowed me to recall the stench that was left behind after a car fire I had just from viewing your photos. What little that survived I threw out cause the permannt smell of smoke damage Just gives it a tainted and eery feeling.

    Glad everyone is unharmed. Stay strong and persevere my friend.

  • this is a horrible tragedy, and i'm glad you're ok. it'll get better, a new transformation presents itself.

  • happy to know everyone is alright. my heart goes out to you. bring in the new.

  • oh man, im so glad you're safe and sound and whole. Be well amigo, and know that you're riding an inflection point in your life, i trust the disaster will lead you somewhere wonderful...pax...

  • Well... Funny y'all start saying that because an hour ago I heard some good news, finally...

    I've been offered a PhD in Music Composition at Aberdeen (Subject to not completely botching my final two BA compositions and essays). I Suppose there's some karmic thing guiding all this. Nuke everything, hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    Life is getting a bit surreal right now

  • Glad to hear you're safe man!

    Be strong and..
    Yeah, a bit surreal.

  • WORST news. Man.. so sorry to see this. :(

    Books & dogs is a good plan. Do it.

  • hey, thats awesome tanais, surreality ftw! Best of luck with the hard reboot ;]

  • My reactions echo everyone else's. And I'll add:

    If your blueprints and templates were transmitted electronically, there may be a foundation to rebuild the DIY stuff. And more than that, to potentially throw together DIY kits as Kickstarter incentives.

    (Your designs are sweet, and you've done the prototyping legwork. That all has value, which I think you could trade upon.)

    Obviously, there are more pressing concerns. But when you're ready, it's something to consider.

  • That's horrible! I'm so sorry. My condolences Tanais. I hate seeing things like this pop up. I'm glad the insurance is going to help and congratulations on the accepting into the PHD program. I agree with Tehn. You got a washed slate suddenly. Living in a simple place with only your books and a dog does sound kinda nice. I wish you only good things to come.

  • happened to my family in 2008

    pretty much the same situation

    no lives lost / everything else from the past 25 years

    i didnt own much to begin with
    and was out of the house but used my old room as storage
    half my records were gone
    alot of my poetry notebooks + travel photographs / souvenirs

    most sad was my parents losing their wedding photos
    and photos of us kids...theyre not digital people and had the only hard copies of em :(

    it may seem hard to see past the current situation
    but stay positive and you should be ok :)

  • I am, we have good emergency accommodation situation that will become my studio for a couple of years while the house is being rebuilt

    Oh and I can now answer the question: "Which LP would you pull from your house if it caught fire?"

    Deep down I always knew it would be this one

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  • Nice choice!!!! I know what I'm listening to when I get home from work.

    Congrats on the PhD. May it be the first of many exciting new steps on the path of your new journey!

    But I'm sorry you didn't get your wish of a warm place... Last time I was in Aberdeen I think I got frostbite :P

  • Holy shit, Clive. I'm so sorry to hear that, but relieved that you were all unharmed.

    Being inspired by the work you've done, your custom controllers, and buying that Emotiv EPOC headset from you, are all things that have really shaped my approach to electronic music over the last year or two, so I definitely owe you a beer. Hit me up if you're in London at some point!

  • oh man. so sorry about this. very glad that everyone is safe though. greener pastures ahead for sure.

  • although we are total strangers, this event hits me. i can't imagine the shock, anger and sadness after such a fire whip.
    i wish you the best for what's next

  • Parallels: This happened to me and my wife 6 months after we got married and 3 months after her father was killed in a horrible accident while setting up a large stage for a concert.

    We lived in a apartment/house that caught fire and burned fast while we were gone grocery shopping. We came back to find we didn't even have a fridge to put the food in. Thankfully no one died and we had insurance as well.

    Loss seems most painful when unexpected.

    It truly puts things in perspective.

  • my sympathies to @tanais and other folks. i can only imagine what it would feel like.. yes it does put things in perspective.

    something to think about...

  • That emotiv was one of a pair for the musical ping pong I was going to write, I lost an EPOC too ...

    Today I started logging the books with a barcode scanner.

    The next task is to get a RCM in and the white sleeves and blast through the 2000 records and decide which to keep.

    UPDATE: the records are all melted, warped or mildew damaged.... RCM won't save them

    So Far two bad casualties. The Orb's "Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld" an Orbital "In Sides" oh and a Dweezil Zappa, but he can be effectively refunded as he was a puerile error of judgement. Shame about his daddy's Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar though.

  • in some senses, its like respeccing your character, investment and experience are retained, but you get to explore a new direction.

    A shame about the 'in sides', thats an amazing album.

  • I think I can probably replace that LP. I was sitting in an empty room with all my possessions the other day (it all fits into a bag) and I felt a real sense of lightness. Dogs were safe, humans were safe. Its only things. But we're still thinking of selling up and moving once the house is rebuilt.

    I stopped shaving for a while (no razor!) and my hair and face fuzz has gone white from the experience so I bought a razor and shaved it all off again. Weighed myself: Lost 16 pounds in a month! I inexplicably started just eating fruit only. Down a trouser size already. Feels faster, more active.

    Weird. I feel like I have become a Laurie Anderson lyric.

  • And thanks all for the sympathies. I really appreciate them.
    We'll rise above it for sure.

  • Missed it earlier, but I would have grabbed the PIL as well.

    Good to hear that things are looking up. As GTZ mentioned earlier, if you do up a kickstarter for any of your diy stuff, I will be in!

  • tanais, this has been such a positive thing to hear! I'm really happy for you, i trust the deflection continues to prove fruitful for you! All the best amigo!!