Name that thing...thingy


    Kimbra doing liveloopy stuff. Not so hot on the song. Wondering if the "main" thingy she's using is an ipad stand or other device. looks neato.


  • shes gotta change her bangs lol

  • Better demo. Worse hair.

    (truly an unfair comment; subjective at best. if you've met me, you'll know I would kill to have hair as nice as either of them)

  • I can't watch the vid because we're recording sound at work... I must sit in silence...

    It's a pretty neat looking device. I like how they've designed it. Looks sturdy.

    Edit: I watched quickly. I really wish Reggie Watts would take himself seriously. Some of the melodies he does off the cuff are pretty amazing, to me.

  • If you watch that whole song, it doesn't seem like a joke. And I think he is seriously fun!

  • reggie watts doesn't park around

  • I honestly love him I just mean he leans more to the comedy side a lot, presenting himself as a comedian. He is really funny and he can do whatever he wants, who the fuck am I... I just would love to hear what he could do if it was like 100% on the music side for a song or too. I don't want him to be a robot and not be fun or anything like that, just want to hear something from him that gives me chills, it's so fucking close.

  • Reggie Watts has the best hair in rock. Don't even step...

  • Maybe you'd like Maktub, one of his other projects. Rumor has it they are about to come out with an album.