Chapelier Fou "INVISIBLE" out !

  • Hey my new album is out !

    available here on download (only 2€) and CD, 2LP, and 2LP limited edition (with handmade cover, bonus cd, a printed picture, etc)

    A teaser here :

    Thanks for paying attention !


  • Is the download available lossless?

  • got it!! the track on the video sounds awesome

  • @XPM : good question. LPs are lossless, at least...
    @pauk : thank you !!

  • Louis,
    J'ai achet

  • oh, and some sound here :

  • seconded, that track in the teaser is awesome! Great sounds!

    Will have to pick up.

  • lossless download now available...
    Good suggestion, XPM...

  • Some very talented guys made this video :

  • This is one incredibly sexy sounding album! WOW!!

    French Website is it? i managed to put the album inside the cart but at checkout i can't seem to finish the transaction. Sorry for the inconvenience but here i have a screen shot. Can someone point to something for me to click on?

    1024 x 712 - 160K
  • dude...
    oh my god....!
    this is incredible...!!!!!!!
    so good man...
    so good...

  • Hey thanks guys !
    @Blipsford : very sorry about this. You should send an e mail to icidailleurs, it's a very small company and i am pretty sure they'll answer within hours.

    And a live video here :

  • fantastic performance! thanks for posting. will you be touring the states?

  • Yes, please chapelier, tour the US. Would gladly give you a place to sack in Georgia as well as a great homemade meal and cinnamon rolls for the road! You can even play my upright bass...(now I'm begging).

    Listened and watched lots of videos, very diverse styles and instrumentations, very nice.

  • i seem to have missed this. purchased mp3, downloading now. can't wait! :)

  • Looking forward to listen to it !

    And that live performance is wonderful.

  • --and sold, sold, sold !

    2€, 2 croissants.


  • Purchased. Beautiful...

  • Thank you guys...
    Hopefully i'll come in the US within a year...I'd be happy to invite any of you !

  • Bump for, well... me.

    (I missed this thread entirely. Just thought to myself it's been a while since 613, and went searching.)

  • Bump. I love this record!

  • Haha,
    slowly working on the next one...decided to take my time and work on side projects as scoring, modular synths, etc...

  • Nice. All good things take time. How did you get Dimlite to remix one of your tunes?