opening mlr in m4l

  • windows 7
    max 6
    max for live (ableton 8.2.8)
    mlr 2.51

    just downloaded the m4l trial to see if buying m4l would be a worthy investment (mostly so that i can sync ableton with max flawlessly)

    i'm a bit stumped as to how i can open up max files in m4l. when i find my sets in the file brower it only shows them a png file, and when i drag it open it says that it's a video.

  • Try this instead:

  • As to your other question, you create a new Max For Live device (be it an audio plugin, a midi plugin or an instrument), open that for editing, and then in the max window, hit file/open and navigate to your .maxpat file.

    Max For Live itself will only use its proprietary .amxd format, but you can copy and paste from the .maxpat files into there, or load them externally as bpatchers and such.

    From there, you'd usually have to edit the patch a bit to sync it to ableton's clock and stuff. This is sometimes easy and sometimes a lot of work. mlr is a lot of work. Fortunately, Myles already put in the effort, so again, take advantage of his work with that link above.