FS: 128 Kit (unassembled) and Grayscale 128 - Los Angeles

  • Selling a perfect condition jan 2012 GS 128 and an unassembled 128 kit in Los Angeles, would prefer local sale.

    m o r g a n a l e x 1 6 @ g m a i l . c o m

  • email sent re: kit

  • I'm in LA would be interested in either one depending on price. Send me an email and we can discuss, my email is my user name @gmail. Thanks!

  • email sent yesterday about the assembled one.

  • sent email.

  • either of these sold?

  • I emailed a seriously inquiry into the mk kits as I would really love to get my hands on a single mk logic board, but have received no response. I know you are looking for a local sale, but I a crack at that kit would be great.