flashing serial on uno - windows 7

  • I could really use some help with this. Just received an arduinome from sanders (thanks) but can't get serialosc to recognize it. In the arduino software it shows up as com port 4 and I just can't figure out how to tell if it's been flashed.

  • Perhaps someone could e-mail me their uno hex file with the a40h style serial and I could try to flip that to the computer. Unfortunately, I can't really find info on getting the serial flashed whatsoever, anywhere, anyhow for windows. The documentation is tricky and all this 'make' this and 'make that when I don't seem to have that command or compile capacity. I have MinGW installed and downloaded the LUFA stuff but have no real idea what to do. All the instructions I can find are for Mac so I'm at a big loss on PC. Anyone out there with an arduinome build on a PC, please help.

  • Okay, another post of my own. I've got to where I can connect, with the uno in dfu mode and program the 8u2 with flip, I think. Now all I need is a proper arduino-usbserial-hex file with a 40h serial... If someone has one compiled it would be great help. Not sure why I can't find one here.

  • artfwo has provided one here: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=10201

  • Yes, I found that one right after posting this. I've applied it but still can't get any response on my pc. In the Details part - Device Instance Path the value is listed as:


    serialosc just won't see it, neither will arduinome serial, nor will serial pyio, I'm just really bummed...

  • If you're running serialosc/arduinomeserial at the same time I believe this can cause conflicts.

    Have you tried the suggestions in the other threads regarding disconnecting from the internet and trying this?


  • Yeah, just tried that, simply no luck. Wish there was some way to make sure that the firmware was properly installed, to see if any communication is happening.

    Also made sure to not run serialosc and arduinomeserial at the same time.

  • Just to be sure, you've been thru the setup routine?:


  • Yep, everything cept the ftdi stuff since I don't have ftdi drivers in the uno. Someone somewhere suggested possibly trying a duemilanove board and I'm tempted to order one, but seems like I should be able to work with what I have right now.

  • did you ever have any luck with this? I'm currently trying to figure out how to flash my uno so I use serialosc on windows with my arduinome. I really don't want to have to buy a duemilanove..