• WHERE THE South Carolina / Georgia ATL users.

    when reading another post the idea popped in my head....

    Id love to set up or work towards setting up a monomeet here in the South East region. I am currently in South Carolina.... interested to know if there are any users around the area.

  • Hey
    Saw the other responses to this, this is great glad to see so many people up for this.

    Question for everyone.....I have a friend that might be able to rent or even have the space to let us set up everything...He lives in athens and i was thinking this might be good for inbetween ATL and SC......If everyones up for it ill ask him

  • I'm open for anything/anywhere in the Southeast. I live in Atl, so I might be biased, but I believe it is sort of the capital of the South. There are so many places that could host a meet and I believe a few other monomers live here in the city.

  • i could care less where... just want to get it together! but def get something going! Id definitely dig Athens..... but yeah anywheree ^_^

  • I live up in Marrietta Cobb area so anywhere is good for me as well, and I havent heard and I don't know if my buddy is still organizing events or not. so if anyone has other (probably better) ideas of where we might do this.....i'm not really good at organizing these things like my friend is

  • I'm in ATL, but I don't have any preferences for the location. I haven't seen a ton of the south east, so I'm fine with driving somewhere close by.

  • Atl sounds like the place. I have a request that it be maybe mid to late June or early July. I want to be able to make it and I'll be traveling late July. Would love to see and hear what everyone has going on. I'm still just getting started but working up a manageable way to use monome in music creation.

  • Im located in South East Florida,

    But Id be willing to drive.

  • love the spirit guys i think we should just keep finding out where everyon is and go from there... it seems more and more people in the southeast are popping up.

    I know I personally have late July plans as well and am playing a small festival outside Athens GA June 15th

    Like S_Strangers said.....


  • I know this thread is ancient but... any south easterners still interested in this?

  • i am definitely down for this. and i think asheville or atlanta would be the best picks.

    seems like there are already a few users in GA so atlanta may be the top pick still.

  • it also may be a better idea to set up a "monomeet in atl" thread and start over since this is so old.

  • I'd be willing to start a thread, but, I'm not an Atlanta resident, and I wouldnt have the first place in mind to play. I'll contribute however I can though!