Looping between two button presses?

  • Hi

    So while modifying my MLR patch to fit my needs, i'm struggling to find out how to loop between two button presses. I want to incorporate this into my jitter part of the patch so I can loop sections of video clips.

    It might be a long explanation for someone to type up, but if I could get directed into the part of MLR which does this, so I can check it out, that would be fantastic.


  • the [mtr] object is your friend. Not sure if that's what's in mlr, but it's either mtr or [seq~].

  • it's complicated, and i wouldn't suggest the method i used. max is a very bad way to do this, i'd suggest using an embedded js or something.

    1. track the number of keys held down in a row
    2. store the currently pressed keys
    3. when held down keys = 2, use the stored keys as loop points.

  • [accum] and [col] will probably come into play...

  • ha, so many methods ;] i seem to recall in shfflr i used some combination of gate controls to route the second press to a looping subroutine. But there was only minor method in my madness ;]

  • This is what i have so far.

    I just have to send the two output columns into the correct jit.qt.movie loop points.

    Hopefully in the end, my button for stop movie or a single button in the movie-loop row, will override this current loop.

    on a sidenote:

    In the max window i get a weird error: 16input - no object found

    with the first number changing based on row.

    I seemed to have tracked this down to the [box] sub patch.