a midi version of MLR / MLRV

  • ok so before i start building one myself i'm wondering if it already exists and I just can't find it.

    Basically I've been using Drumracks a lot in ableton (to allow me to process different slices independently and have them interact with one another).
    I usually play them back by hand from my 64 or a 4x4 pad controller, but then i realised it would be really nice to have an MLR style way of looping/jumping inside the loop, sending out the notes to trigger the slices in sequence.

    I know MLRV2 outputs the midi presses when you hit a slice but it doesn't send anything out when looping.

    i'm going to try and build it this weekend, hopefully someone's answer beats me to it!!



  • MIDI isn't audio, and there are practical limitations to this approach. There's no jumping into the middle of a long note in progress, and there's a danger of stuck notes if you jump away from the "off" signal before it fires. The latter is easily solved by [strip]ping the "off" signals away from the pattern you're juggling, and running the remaining messages through [makenote] (at a later point in the chain), but the former is formidable. It'll work for your drums, but maybe not for much else.

    Anyway... try MolarVST and/or Live Clip Chopper. I think they both have this feature.

  • understood, of course :)
    long notes aren't a problem, basically the midi part just plays a note on every beat, and each beat triggers one slice of an audio loop that has been presliced and put in a drum rack. the midi on/off time is set shorter than i can physically play, and I use the ADSR of the sampled slice instead.
    The playing effect is the same as mlrv, except that I can individually filter/process each step.
    Tried Live Clip chopper and it's just not responsive enough, often mis-triggers when you play fast (maybe i've got it set up wrong somehow?), I'll have a look at molar, although i've always found it to be overly complicated to learn, ha,(prob me being lazy)

    At the moment I've hacked mlr 2.7 to send midi note outs and it works well.
    but it's annoying using all that extra processing power (playing back audio) just to get tight sync on the midi, and internal loops of one beat don't trigger because for now i've just used the 'position' output to trigger the midi which of course doesn't update if there's no position change in the loop

  • ooo this idea would make an amazing beat making version of mlr.
    it would cut a long sample into 16 chunks but still play exactly as mlr with the added functionality of per step envelopes, effects, pitch, filters etc.

    or maybe it would make more sense to keep it inside ableton...

  • You're not lazy. Molar is scary.
    (yeah, I haven't learned it either)

    I think I have seen a m4l patch or two which was able to edit the currently playing MIDI clip. So it's likely possible to copy the currently playing MIDI clip into a buffer, block its throughput from Live, and have Max control its playback directly.

    I mean, Live doesn't provide enough transparency in regards to its current position within a clip, and I think that's where the timing issues come from. But if you're only concerned with MIDI clips (not live MIDI from a keyboard, nor output from monome apps or altered by MIDI effects), you could probably build something more robust.

    (All you'd really need from Live is a copy of each clip, and to monitor when a given clip is triggered.)

    Granted, building that beat juggling clip sequencer is no weekend project. I can't begin to imagine how much work's involved.