[Album] Clearly Or Darkly?

  • [ Clearly Or Darkly ]
    [ Scanner Darkly Remix]


    01 - Clearly (2:54)

    02 - Or (4:08)

    03 - Darkly (2:16)


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    3 Tracks // 9:18 Minutes // 10.7MB
    CizreK Productions 2011-2012


  • oooh i really like this.
    so dark and perfect for 2am.
    good job. :)

  • Cool. I quite literally have just read a chapter of a pkd biography about the time when he was writing a scanner darkly. He was in a dark place alright...good work chap.

  • Very nice, thank you! I've been reading PKD looong before anyone thought to make movies from his amazing stories, you know, when "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was just a twinkling in Ridley Scott's eyes!