• Hi all,

    I use serialosc, but am having no joy with quadrants using the bridge? I know pages is all good, but I always kinda liked the simplicity of plugging in and going with quadrants? I have tried numerous in and out ports to no avail? Anyone using quadrants still? darn...must try AGAIN with pages.....my techie knowledge leaves a lot to be desired fellow monomers

  • griddle and/or pages are the way to go at this point. using quadrants with the bridge is a few too many pieces and gets convoluted.

  • Thanks Brian. Will have to persevere with getting my head around pages then! Nice one

  • oh it's not that bad fluxtsa :)

    what you do is this:

    1) download pages, unzip it, run it (double click the jar)

    2) file -> new configuration
    3) configuration -> serialosc -> find your monome -> add button
    4) new window pops up with your monome serial # as the title, go to page menu -> new page -> quadrants page

    you will now see the quadrants interface. if you have a 128 then there aren't a lot of options, just 2 8x8 quadrants, which will be represented by:


    if you have a 256 you have a few more options. pick the layout you like. now you'll see:

    Page 1, [New Page], [Open Page]
    Page 2, [New Page], [Open Page]

    these are pages you can load in to each quadrant. count from left to right, top to bottom. the [New Page] button lets you load a new page instance into a quadrant and the [Open Page] button brings up the GUI for the page. try loading something like midi faders in to make sure it works. once you're comfortable with all of that then try using 'external application page' to connect with other applications.

  • Thanks phortran.

    No joy at all, following manual etc and your instruction. Opening pages as per manual means that both apps connect but play on same side of my 128? Been messing with making config 8x8 on each page and still mlr and gome take up left hand side. I have had great guidance from people on monome site and the manual couldn't be any clearer, but I still cannot get two apps going through pages......

  • did you really add a new "quadrants" page?

  • All good in the good, after numerous fiddling. Quadrant pages stay on right side, cannot sort that, but got multiple apps open. Happy days.

    Q: know of the keyboard shortcut if any, for switching between pages/apps?


  • hey fluxsta, i will look into that issue with quadrants, can you link me to the exact versions of the patches you're using so i can try to replicate it? also give me the exact steps you're taking please.

    page changing doesn't have a keyboard shortcut option currently but it can be changed using the page change button (bottom right) or via midi messages, notes or CCs:


  • Hi,

    I just followed your steps using polygome and mlr 2.8 aes version, and also tried it with MlrV. I tried it via the quadrants steps you listed. Apps were serialosc versions. I thought maybe I needed to change the grid size to two 8x8 but I saw that all that did was change across both quadrant pages so I put it back to 16x8. The exact steps were as you laid it out....


  • cool, polygome and mlr 2.8 aes then? can i assume it's the latest versions off the wiki (polygome_101.zip and the download link on this page http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=mlr:aes_edit ?) i will try it tonight.

  • Yes, thanks for checking. Tried rotate patch as well, no change

  • alright, tried this out, i was able to get everything working just fine with quadrants. here's what i did:

    1) ran pages, new config, serialosc discovery, added my 128
    2) new page, quadrants page
    3) new page #1 button on quadrants page, external app
    4) open page #1 button on quadrants page. this one is for mlr aes, so i set the input port to 8080 (it starts as a random number) and left the output port as 8000. i left the prefix as mlr. clicked update prefs after the change, then i had to fiddle with dsp in max because it wasn't set up, but after selecting a valid device and dac on it worked fine and stays within its 8x8 quadrant. this is the _mlr patch with only 8 steps selected.
    5) new page #2 button on quadrants page, external app. open page #2 button. i changed the 8000 output port because i didn't want any conflicts with the other app, since polygome is serialosc enabled this isn't a big deal. after changing port to 8001 and clicking update prefs, i got a 'extapp-15740-fake-2' device in the dropdown. this is the external app -- be careful here, there are two of them, so make sure you don't pick the extapp-8080-fake-1 device (this is the mlr instance).

    both apps are working fine together on the same page with this setup. let me know if you have any success.

  • At work, will try when get home. Thanks for detailed instruction so far!

  • No response at all, monome will not connect when i click to connect. The set up you described i have followed and they show up in drop down box, but the monomer simply will not connect?

  • I lie........all sorted, thanks phortran...... ;-)