two (2) shows in nyc this april. need help with draw requirements D:

  • hello there,

    i have two performances in the city this month, april 21st at bar east ale house in ues and april 28th at recoup lounge in les. the challenge? i have to make a minimum draw of 10 heads at the door for each venue. in the evolving passive facebook age of technology just inviting my 40+ new york friends with a facebook invite isn't enough. most of my non-monome affiliated friends can't be bothered to come see me play. there's poking, prodding, pestering and pleading that has to be done and i fear that even with this i still may not meet my draw requirement.

    so, i ask of you, if you are in the new york area on the 21st or 28th would you please attend? i have a new performance set of music i would really like to share with you. and who knows, there may be a drink with your name on it!

    much appreciated. details below:

    saturday april 21st
    Bar East (Basement Level)
    1733 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10128-5102
    (between 89th & 90th, below Bar East)
    i go on at 10:30pm

    saturday april 28th
    Recoup Lounge
    210 Rivingston St
    New York, NY 10002
    i go on at 9pm

  • i will try my damndest. bar east is kind of shitty, they have harsh requirements for performances and pay little to nothing. it's also in a really weird area. recoup lounge i've never been too but is in a great area! i love you!

  • damn i wish i could come out!!

  • i had a feeling bar east/recoup would be sketchy mcgretchy simply because they super super lenient with their booking. they're both run by the same booking agency. i got booked without sending a press kit or music, and apparently you can play a show there in under 1 week's notice : o

    i guess i'm just doing it to build up a resume of playing in nyc, plus the bus ticket from/to delaware round trip is $2.99 with booking fees (greyhound express 3 weeks in advance purchase) so it's worth going up to play just to say i did.

    but anyways @active, you still have couch space?

  • final bump

  • good luck! run em into the red!

  • sorry I'm late to the party but Bar East...yeah me too. Back in the day when MySpace was the thing, I was contacted by an artist /booking person without us having a booking agent or music sent out. Ultimately we drove all the way from S. Jersey and denied entry cause of the lack of draw.

    Hope your night went better than mine :-D

  • How'd it go?

  • it was pretty brutal. i didn't get denied a performance because pretty much every act there didn't have a draw. i showed up super early to beat the rain and less than half of the 10 acts showed up. there were 3 no-shows before my set and the place was dead as dead could be. i got an extended set, though. i pretty much played for the bartender, door girl and the sound guy. a couple curious folk peeked their heads in but that was about it.

    however one of the curious guys wanted me to talk to him afterwards, his was named liquid todd and apparently has done some *really* big shows in vegas with paul oakenfold. we swapped contact and info. silver lining on even the grayest of clouds.

    getting people to upper east side is tough as hell. most of my friends are lower east/brooklyn so hopefully the show this weekend at recoup will appear more attractive to them to attend. learning experience.

  • NYC is absolutely brutal. worse than LA. don't take it too gotta cut your teeth somewhere.

  • If I wasn't halfway across the world I would have tried to make it! Good luck with the next show Aaron!