fun JavaScript demo


    Drag the big green box from that page into your bookmark bar.

    To try it out, click the "Kick ass" bookmarklet you just created.

    A triangle should appear onscreen at top-left. That's your ship. You can pilot it with your keyboard's arrow buttons. Press space to fire your ship's cannon and blow web elements off the page.

    When you've got the hang of the controls, try it on other sites. Just navigate to them as normal, and press the "Kick ass" bookmarklet to activate.

    This doesn't play well with Gmail, but destroying posts on Facebook is a lot of fun, and of course, the forums here work really well too.

  • awesome! i just blew you away!

  • soundcloud is super funn to shoot up! .... RIGHT ON!

  • if you repeatedly hit the kick ass button you can get as many ships on the page as you'd like.

    puiw puiw puiw!

  • And for Katamari fans...

  • (without words!!)


  • multiplayer support ? ;)

  • @red,

    Totally doable with NodeJS, but there are latency issues.

  • :o

    not the first time I'm getting afraid of your technical capabilitys ..... ;)
    hope you'll get your bike soon.....otherwise all this talent will be wasted in los angeles public transit..........
    I already noticed they added a highscore list + new ships + a custom ship creator!!


  • Oops. Didn't mean to mislead you -- those these aren't me. The Katamari one in particular is well outside of my skill range. And while I think I might be good enough to build the Asteroids one, I must sadly concede it would never have occurred to me to do so.