instagram - anyone on here on there?

  • late to the game (android) but i thnk it's a nice service.

    hit me up:

  • Not into instragram, but I am into actual analogue photography., hang on, I'll rephrase that.

    Not into instragram, because I am into actual analogue photography.

    Instagram! making all our photos look the same since 2010!

    ...but, hey, if you're into it, enjoy.

  • Yup, I'm on there as dm483. No links... Just have to search for me :D

  • dm, you have a follower :)

    kinetic, do the two have to be mutually exclusive?

    if anything, i bet instagram has ignited an interest in "real" photography in much the same way that the proliferation of mp3s on the internet has lead to a renewed interest in vinyl.

    Do you think that instagram's proliferation has had a negative (excuse the pun) effect on how people view photographs in real life?

  • I am **heavily** into analogue photography as well, but I find instagram and hipstamatic fun from time to time! I haven't uploaded much there but you'll find me listed as 'artpunk' - same handle on flickr & come to think of it...

  • How the f#*k do you search for someone on instagram? It's probably too late, & I'm too tired after work, but it escapes me... Btw hasn't it just been 'acquired' by farcebook?

  • @artpunk

    On ios you have to x out of the camera and then it gives you the option to "Search Instagram".

  • ... so you mail your photos to all your friends and family and then they mail theirs to you? Then you all write comments on them and send them around again?

    It's a photography "app" on the surface but really it's sharing/communication. The picture I took of my dinner where I added the comment "I think @KellySOS made this once" is not exactly something I would have "photographed" traditionally. It's as much of a replacement of analog photography as reading a todo list is a replacement for a book. It's really not an all or nothing thing, well for most people.

  • check out

    I cancelled by instagram accounts (and I had "Jon") because I'm not a fan of being the thing of value that is sold to facebook. :-)

  • i am jonsimon on IG.

  • on instagram as Daedelus and checking out cinegram for the fun of it, seems to have a few too many bugs thus far, but I'm sure with the look it is getting all might be ironed out soon...

    I do find it interesting that non-photographic people are having to think about look and filter "feel", a feedback loop of stylistic choices that might have people more esteeming the real deal I daresay.

  • I'm there as JoggingHouse.

    Not a monomist anymore, though.
    But I'll probably stay lurking this forum till the end of time :)

  • i have it but never use it. it was actually just bought out by facebook.

  • i'm on there.


  • @Daedelus - yes, I find it amusing that apps like these digitally emulate the look my analogue cameras have been giving me for years (I have loved using 'toy cameras for a while, amongst other traditional film cameras, I have a website called 'the plastic lens') - anything that might inspire people to trace the roots of traditional photography and actually try (& keep buying) film is o.k. with me!

  • I still have a couple of film cameras but they're rarely used as getting the rolls developed is either really costly, or disastrously disappointing due to incompetent staff at the cheaper "labs". Sadly, I don't have the room, or time, to have my own project darkroom (anymore).

    So for me Instagram actually gives me back the playfulness of having a toy camera without the expense. I know it's not the same thing as the toy cameras, rangefinders, etc I used to use... But it's actually starting to get me itching to dig out my film cameras, and maybe even pick up a couple of new toy ones.

  • What's a good cheap toy camera? Anyone have any recomendations?

  • im in there as edisonsf...
    y'all holler!

  • @tea knee
    Best ones for me were the cheapest ones... cos I could buy 3 or 4 that did different things, instead of one more solid one that did the same(ish) thing everytime. I always liked multi-lens lomo rip offs. Usually in lurid green. Check the toy stores or Urban Outfitters.

  • im on there as keechblurn

  • @dm: cool, will have a look...

  • @dm - yes, I hear you! I had the same experiences, so now I develop my own film and scan the negatives in. You don't need a darkroom, just a small developing tank & some chemicals (& either a smal lightproof film changing bag or a very dark room) - I develop both B&W and colour (C-41) 35mm, medium format and 4x5" (& hell, if //**I**// can do it, anyone can!)
    @tea knee - holgas are always a good, cheap toy camera too, there are medium format and 35mm versions to be had for reasonable prices on evilbay (lomography although laudible for promoting analog photography, does tend to be overpriced). If you want a really nice, customised Holga, with some useful extras, I highly recomend Randy Smith's Holgamods Holgas.

  • +1 for Holgas, though I am fond of the $15 no-brand, doesn't-matter-if-you-loose-it-when-you're-drunk, cameras from the gift/toy store.

    I probably should get a changing bag set up... I always had access to a darkroom before so I never used one. They can't be that fiddly. I just inherited a nice condition Nikon rangefinder (can't remember the model number right now) and it'd be fun to use it and my old APS Canon IXUS again.

    Do you have any recommendations for a cheapish neg scanner? Whenever I've inquired with the photographers I know they always suggest something that costs more than my car and then lecture me about keeping everything analog.

  • @corporation

  • @djkero

  • @kinetic

    kind of funny to me how people tend to have such different feeleings about audio art + visual art...their approach is open-minded / experimental in only one area

    i assume you have no problem with digital control of audio [if you use a monome]

    but digital photography seems silly to you

  • @tea knee

    may not be your cup
    but the superheadz clap is digital toy cam
    should be able to find it for $50 or cheaper

  • to everyone else

    find me @_ifi_

    got onto instagram only 2-3 months ago and all my aliases were taken so its a variation of my real name

  • happy to be following you all. I'm on there as oletorjus. hit me uppah.

  • pirxthepilot!

  • thisisoneword

    I pretty much just post the "behind the scenes" at this very small textile product design company I just recently started working for.

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  • @all - I joined because of this thread:

  • @ioflow

    got it a few months ago; mostly nature + occasional music gear shots.

  • i'm not on instagram but i've got some photos here

  • I am curious why, with the new website design, some of the URLs posted are actually turned into links, and some are not. If memory serves me right, all URLs used to be automatically links when included in posts...

  • @miskcares - i care because you do ;)

  • same on twitter and vine :)

  • Was there for a while (wpaul63). Did the whole #sundaybluesedit thing. Met a lot of very gifted folks, like that SF based iphoneista who writes (wrote?) some beautiful haikus.
    But the whole EULA/TOS thing turned me off big time. So I quit.
    But I definitely dig the whole click & filter movement (my theme was "visual overdubs" hehe)