Grab some drum-loops for MLR / MLRV / Mash

  • As this community inspired & helped me a lot, i just wanna share some drum loops i created a few nights ago to use with mlr(v).

    I tried to follow [[|Edison' s advice]], so most of the loops should have a kick on the 1st, snare on the 5th, hihats on the 6th and (another) snare on the 8th chunk.

    Free for all to use & abuse as you see fit,
    but i would be happy to get a link of your creation if you use one of these loops.

    BPM: 100
    [[|Get it!]]

  • Thanks! SO these are mostly for the 64? They sound tight, btw and 100bpms is my temperature :D

  • yes, all loops are 1bar/8 steps but 1 is 16steps/2bars.

    they better be tight, otherwise 7up's stepper - which i used to create them - would be out of sync ^^

  • Thanks doood! Nice beats. Think I might use them without mlr. Is that kosher?

  • I may use them outside of mlr also. i love mangling drumloops. thanks for these, fella!

  • Thanks :)

  • you're welcome.

    these are atheistic loops,
    so kosher or not, just do it!