[ video ] phonkeeREDone's 85min mix @ BangButze #11

  • hello.

    this was the first live set using my recently purchased 256.


    *artist: phonkeeREDone
    *category: minimal.dub.electric.longdrink.mayhem
    *duration: 85min. (ATTENTION: Large video fileĀ…..get some beer while buffering)
    *location: cologne / germany
    *host: bangbutze.com
    *special feature: 3 cameras mixed by onscreen sunglass iPhone camera operator steve
    *handicap: too much headroom > overall level is low > large speakers recommended

    thanks to steve, trix & phil @ the bangbutze!
    thanks so much to this wonderful community!

    hope you like it. feedback very appreciated.

  • Awesome sauce! I'm very impressed by this. Is that a homemade controller he's using? It sorta looks like a livid creation but I'm not too familiar with their products.

    I assume he's using mlr routed into ableton or something?

    Cool cool cool.

  • looks like either an ohmrgb or maybe the cntrl:r

  • Red is using the Livid Ohm and he's using it nicely! Nice job.

  • "Awesome sauce!" (i couldn't say it better...) *g*

    @red: next time i want 2 be there 2. not only my bro dancin in the background and havin fun...

    2592 x 1944 - 1M
  • thanks so much for your kind words guys!!

    and yes indeed.......
    (controlled by the 256) routed into (controlled by an older LIVID Ohm 64 special rEd edition ; )

    due to lack of time lots of things went wrong that evening but I'm overhaulin' my whole setup atm and converting it to a 256+64 environment without Ohm :D

  • WELL DONE SIRRR!! Shit is super dope :)

    Your music is infectious brother.