Arc 4 Just arrived

  • Impatient to start work. Depressed at the thought of building another Stribe 16 and could not wait for the next run of Arc 4s so bought one of the recent first run of s/h Arc 4 that popped up here. Just arrived safely from USA>USA>UK (thanks todd).

    First App? Electric Dharma Wheels into Logic into Valhalla Shimmer (nice reverse reverb thing going on here).

    Set it for slow pans and slooooow FM Detune with a Filter and Sub Bass to make occasional blurts of subwoofery and I'm leaving it to produce hours of generative gentle wafty edgy creepy soundscapes. Like Radio with only a channel of me. If invites me to change parameters, it plays gently, not like the DIY devices I made, it feels delicate like my monome it invites being held and touched. I cannot wait to start using it as a live controller.

    Still using a borrowed 512. I need to remake my own soon. But monome is no longer selling 40h kits.

    Thank you Stretta for this, my first app that made people stop and sit down and chill (on a very first play!) and Tehn for another instrument that leaves me on the healthy and creative side of baffled. Childlike exploration and acceptance of random events in music as in life. For now this is a lot of fun.

    It has huge potential as a mixing and granular scrubber as well blending between four banks of sound. Something for the summer...

    648 x 484 - 95K
  • Your positivity and drive is inspiring.

    Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

  • It's an interesting controller and it gives me a desire to remake the stribe when I rebuilt my monome 512