monome 64 and novation launchpad

  • looking to setup the novation launchpad as a live control and use the monome as a midi devce for edison style clip chopping. any suggestions for the midi preferences to avoid bugs?

  • What kind of bugs?

  • this post is a little premature seeing as how I acutually dont own the novation yet, but I have the monome setup as a midi instrument at the moment with midi yolk. input channel 2 output channel 1 and I current am having random and non reproducable bugs when my keyboard is plugged in. random button firings. I am assuming at the moment that attatching another midi instrument will only make this problem worse. any suggestions for my current issue?

  • Have you tried using 7up or pages or some other app on the monome? Even Brian has said somewhere that putting midi in monome serial was a mistake. Just a thought.

  • I have used 7 up but have not tried pages yet. but they are not able to accomplish the same effect that I am trying to do. Ill definitely give pages another look here and see if it could help, but I have had issues with serial osc and latency. and monoserial is a lot more stable for me in midi mode