Integrating a biquad into individual groups in MLR 2.8?

  • I'm trying to filter each group individually using biquad filters, with the center frequency controlled by my knob.

    in the pl.maxpatch I have the signal multiply object going into the each biquad and each biquad going into "send~ dac#"

    I've been able to adjust volume of each group by patching my knob number-output into each bpatcher for the groups (output.maxpat)

    However I can't replicate this parameter changing with a patch that is even deeper embedded, aka the "pl #1" patch.

    The closest I've come is putting a "pl #1" object in the top level patch and have one of my knobs go into it. The center frequency flonum changes when i twist the knob, but there doesn't seem to be any signal passing through the biquad.

    i'm struggling here

  • solved it. just used outlets to get it to the surface patch and then ran it through the biquad there and sent it to the dac