• hey all
    I can't seem to find it anywhere, what is the latest version, is there one confirmed working with the arduino uno?

  • 1:
    2: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    3: some claims that it works with uno on mac, I've had mixed luck there but it would connect. On windows, no go. However, duemilanove works fine. One can be yours for about $20 USD:

    Some pros include it's cheap, and much easier to serial flash.

  • thanks! same here, I can get the unit detected on mac with a proper name, but there is nothing happening beyond that

  • So you are on mac eh? Have you properly flashed the 8u2 with a serial? visinin posted a precompiled hex you can use with the board, but you have to make sure you've flashed the serial otherwise it won't pick up.

  • yes I am! I remember seeing a post from visinin, i will look into it. if something happen i'll let you know

  • do you have a link to the post from visinin by any chance?

  • Sorry, it was actually artfwo who precompiled the hex:

    its in there somewhere