[album] phortran - conjurations

  • free music!


    hope you like it.

  • enjoying this a lot. thanks!

  • most excellent.

  • wow, me likey.

  • looking forward to this!

  • thanks everyone :)

  • got it, sounds awesome Tom!!

  • Spectacular NuJazzy Jazzz! (1st jazz i've heard in awhile i really like! would be amazing to see you as the rhythm section accompanying a live ensemble, too)

  • he had some good music on ivdt, unfortunately the label is down

  • bumping now!
    great stuffffffffff!!!!!!!!

  • floppy disk distro for real? please say yes. even ultra low bitrate.

  • thanks again everyone else! and thanks for buying it pauk :)

    i appreciate it!! no, i put out a few on ivdt years ago (pauk has it right) but they're sorta gone now. i'm ok with that. a few of those tracks are on page 2 of my soundcloud though.

    i loved that option so had to pick it, unfortunately discogs dinged me on it ("This is definitely on a Floppy Disk? All 9 Tracks?"). i may have to make this happen though so i can keep the option.

  • Nice one!

  • easily done photran! there are a few loooow bitrate netlabels out there:


    a whole compilation in 4.7 mb!

    nice work too :)

  • verrrry impressive.... like like like!! mad jazzy freshhhhh

  • really awesome... digging the glacial beatscapes / plenty of space(s) to wander in, reminiscient of telefon tel aviv
    thanks for sharing!

  • no that's what i'm funking talking about!

    *sun coming up

  • Got to listen to this on a recent drive to north Alabama, lovely!

  • YES! great stuff

  • hey thanks guys, i put a lot of time into this one and i'm really happy to see people are enjoying it!