[Video] Monoming in the middle of the night

  • Here is some music for you. Hope you enjoy!


  • Wonderful! I love the videos of yours I have had a chance to look at so far, very interesting & inspiring stuff you are doing there!

  • verrrrry sick... love all the pedals and controllers / analogue stuffff!

  • you have a nice sound... not to mention how fun your setup looks...

    I am looking for a pedal for my guitar... reverb/filter.. and suggestions?

  • I hav ebeen looking at the midi Murf from moog.. any play with that?

  • great stuff dude keep at it!

  • @Leonard - as far as analogue pedals/effects go you can't beat the warmth and CV control options of the Moogerfooger range, unless you go modular... I have a midimurf & for animated filter effects it's a hell of a lot of analogue fun and can give some really amazing sonic textures to your sounds. If you are looking at cool flange or chorus type effects, then maybe a clusterflux might suit your needs better (another pedal with a ton of potential) Of course, then there is many people's //desert island// Moogerfooger, the MF-104 delay series, but they are rarer and pricey, the Koma pedals look very interesting however...(don't have any of those, but might invest) Unfortunately I don't use mine enough, (I don't use 3/4 of my gear as much as I would like) but hope to as soon as I get my home studio set up properly!

  • Thanks's guys. Great support here. I have a tape+download coming out soon with music like this =)

    @leonard i would really take a look at the strymon pedals. el capistan, bluesky, flint and timeline are awesome stuff. Wish I could afford them myself at the moment.

  • this is so hot. looking forward to hear more!