New Monome music for you all

  • Hey guys! just wanted to share some of my music with you all!
    Thanks to tehn for making the Monome and for giving us all inspiration. Enjoy and have fun :)

  • haha Its more like an aquaman kind of situation my waterproof iphone is my only connextion to the internet since I am a poor musician as most of us are :). And thanks Raj its one of my older tracks but I though I'd see what you guys have to say about it. Obviously kind of flat on the drum side and the overall mix could be better I have definitely learned alo0t oabout the whole mastering/mixing process since then and will be releasing more in depth tunes shortly. all my music is structured using the monome as well.

  • How can i listen to this? what happened to it? You take it down?

  • it's still there

  • Sorry guys i was doing it from my phone at the moment wasnt thinking about url repercussions. heres an updated link for you all.
    Thanks all, enjoy
    Run and Gunn

  • music for fish! (fish dont gots no goods musics to listens to)

  • ok thanks guys. I'm there but I don't see any tunes with aquastep in the tags.

  • hahaha, i have no idea what aquastep is, but
    [synaesthesia mode]
    it sounds like someone dropped some acid in a aquarium. then in the end the trip turned bad.
    [/synaesthesia mode]

    fun to listen to.

  • @lokey is that a metalocalypse quote I see? haha great show.

    @trppng sounds about accurate just my take on what that music sounds like glad you enjoyed it more to come soon! also working on building my midi controller at the moment to help with my live performance. going to be a cross between a 256 a 64 and as many dials for eq and effects I can use without blowing my mind or growing an extra limb! Stay Tuned


  • @Raja, how old? like twitch old, land of rape and honey old? Ah the good old days. I have a story about Alain from Ministry, but it's not very interesting, nor very positive.

    Now aquacrunk.. think I'm gonna aquapuke :)

  • Ministry huh? never heard of them but ill be on that download later tonight you can be sure of it. Thanks god Raj someone figured it out! Aquastep is definitely an ongoing joke and my friends nicknamed my style of music Aquastep without even knowing what they were talking about and I plan on turning that joke around into a reality. Should be a nice little kicker for those involved in the business. :)

  • finally i got to listen!
    (ever have one of those days where ordinarily simple tasks are hard to achieve?)
    Nice. I'm curious. Was that an electribe you were sequencing?

  • Just a synth I was messing around with on massive. Sequenced the parts using a midi keyboard and chopped them edison STING style over loops and other little ableton tricks. (Just for the record i've been using ableton before all the hype started)

  • ". (Just for the record i've been using ableton before all the hype started)".

    I've been using since Live 5. NOW WHAT ;-)

  • haha i know just had to throw it in there! im in the wrong community to be playing one up games on the tech spectrum thats forsure. only being 21 im just getting into this arena myself

  • That's awesome dude. When I was 21 I was in school studying traditional music theory and practices (which i am ever grateful for) and just got introduced to MIDI. Yet i still couldn't figure out how to make tracks because whenever i inquired about electronic music I was shot down as if it was taboo. Plus the tools and resources wasn't widely available on the internet as today.
    You have a bright future ahead of you. Just remain passionate and don't let the man bring you down! (whomever he may be) Or women either. If you start to sense that your woman is jealous and or belittles your hobby, it's time to slip out the back Jack and make a new plan Stan.

  • yea I was lucky and was introduced to music theory at 8 and have been classically trained on piano and trumpet since then. I never let anyone get in the way of my music and I will never be the type of person who takes belittling of something that makes me a person.