Trade category etiquette?

  • Is it wrong for me to expect that when someone has something for sale/trade, when it **is** finally sold or traded, could the original poster **//please//** EDIT the topic to indicate the item has sold - when I was first looking to buy a grid here I visited so many ambiguous trade threads where it was not obvious if the item was sold or not. Quite frankly it was bloody annoying & frustrating.
    How hard can it be to practice this minor courtesy to other forum users?
    Just saying!

  • Indeed sir, well said. I too looked at arc listings and got excited. Only to feel like a child whose mama said 'no' to a new toy. Oh, the wife does that anyway! Ha ha.

    My Roland MC 303 is still for sale so if you stumble across that it is available (plug plug bump bump)


  • LOL Fluxta - your wife too huh? Must be written in the marriage contract somewhere in fine print!

  • Mmmm, yeah there was some small print I think. Hell, I said yea on the day! Ha ha
    To be fair, I trawl for cheap gear and persuaded her to allow me $200 to get an old Korg Poly 800 synth. Just starting small and building up to new batch of arcs......

  • I have never heard the end of the upgrade to my 128.....

  • I hear what you are saying! Sometimes my wife surprises me however, like when I was thinking of buying a little phatty and she helped me save towards a a Voyager instead! (Her reasoning was that eventually I would want a Voyager anyway, so she wanted to pre-empt the inevitable upgrade and keep the amount of keyboards down in the house!)

  • @artpunk, hold on to that woman man. Wisdom and prophecy both ;]

  • Oh I intend to, hopefully if she'll let me! 17 years and still holding on, I am indeed blessed!