Intro: StikShift - Joystick max patch for Logitech

  • Thanks again to GTZ for a very simple PID process patch that showed me how to find the elements on my joystick. From there I found out how lovely the learning system in Max really is. I now know how to embed pathes and what a bpatcher is as well as how to hide things, and use a ton of extremely simple yet powerful objects. I have plans to do more and hope I will (though I'm an obsessive project guy so once the project is done...)

    The patch is custom made for a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick (under $30 just about anywhere). The joystick has 4 axes, a POV hat, and twelve buttons. Never having used a joystick for these purposes, I tried to add functionality I thought would be useful. Heck, maybe I'll even use the darn thing if I ever start making actual music.

    Please read the pdf enclosed with the file. I think I embedded the POVLed patch, but threw it in for safe keeping. Hoping I set the window sizes properly and all.

    One to do I forgot to mention in the pdf is a 'breakout' sort of slim monitor interface that has all the same functionality but with a minuscule screen footprint. Once you learn how to use everything, you'll understand.

    BTW, I'm happy to modify this for other joysticks/manufacturers, if I can get the element indexes and ranges for the axes/button outputs.

    Thanks also to trppng for much testing and feedback.

  • Good stuff, max is very empowering when you get into it eh?

  • I was at first intimidated by looking inside other patches but I've found what I really like about max.

    I have a little (read: little) experience programming from college courses using limited C, Pascal, and doing BASIC as a kid on my TRS-80 (those were the days, waiting for the cassette player to finish recording). I'm a VERY visual person so using patch cords to guide i/o makes complete sense. It's like the Reason of programming, or should I say Reason is the Max of music software...

    I've totally enjoyed this first immersion though I now want to start diving into the MSP/Audio side of things to see what can happen. While a MIDI note generator would be a nice addition, my ultimate goal with a joystick would be to design a powerful instrument completely controlled by the synth, maybe a cool drone, but something with flexibility and I'd like to do it all in Max/MSP/M4L.

  • looks amazing.
    nice first patch.
    can't wait to get my joystick.

  • Update: I made a minor change this morning. Holding button 1 while pressing and holding button 2 will not only default the POV to no output it will temporarily disable the axis. You could use this to start an effect at a non-centered value. If you get stuck in disabled mode (just for the axis) just depress 1+2 again. You will also see a blue box labeled disabled (alpha = .5 so you can still see the dials) to indicate that the axes are temporarily disabled.

  • FYI: I have a cheap sony ps2 to usb/pc adapter and decided to try plugging in that controller. x,y,z all trigger fine. The 'x' axis of the right stick I think would be like a 'throttle' and is probably just mapped to a different element, probably 8 or 16 instead of 24. All twelve button work but are in a different configuration. Wondering if there is any interest in turning that typical style into a selectable configuration. My thoughts on this are that I rewrite the display interface to separate it from the input so the display could load different patchers somehow or just s different panel image perhaps, haven't looked into it. Otherwise perhaps I'll make a standard pc/usb gamepad version of the mod. Thoughts, anyone interested in this?

  • Okay so no one is really reading this anymore, but in case, I redid some things and took the temp axis disable back out as it cause more problems. Essentially I've compartmentalized a bunch, changed the x-y viewer to be more like the ableton dot graph (single dot tracks across a blank background to show position) and significantly reduced the size of the UI. I put the joystick button monitor/place where you can set button presets and whatnot into a monitor popup window. Takes less screen space, though it probably isn't necessary to keep viewable anyway. I will probably add a popup window for setting all your presets as it would be easier.

    I'm also compartmentalizing because I'm building a new controller deck from two or three USB gamepads. I'm just using the guts and arcade switches, pot joysticks (with springss removed) and plan to make a new custom interpreter for it using the component parts of this one. Updated version attached. No pdf attached but it basically works the same.

  • zomg perfect timing - i just got a logitech extreme 3d pro! i will try this out asap. thnank you thank you @shimoda :)

  • @pixr,
    great, I'd love feedback, but I'd maybe try both the patch from the original post as well as that recent one, I'm having weird issues so may have to redo the redo. Also, if you find features that are unnecessary and I'll put out a more stripped down version. I'd just love for anyone else to use this so as to be able to contribute.

  • cant wait to get my logitech delivered.

  • +1 for starting to learn max with a controller patch... well in my case processing the other way around. still, it's amazing how much stuff you learn when building around a relatively simple task..

    Congrats! got a logitech somewhere collecting dust, will try! Thx for sharing.

    (edit: oops just saw its not my model, either way I'd map it within m4l)

  • @l00p
    Please try the patch anyway, I'd like to see how many axes and buttons map. I was surprised to find that an xbox 360 controller with usb cable mostly mapped with the exception of three axes.

    UPDATE: so I changed the toggling to use togedge as suggested above (thanks, now I know a new object). Uploading the latest version with an updated pdf file. Please, if you have ANY PC/MAC joystick try this patch for me and leave feedback as to what does not work. I can work with people if alteration are necessary. I will probably release a version with a more generic StikMonitor window (not laid out like my joystick).

  • Update: I actually meant to post this here, but erringly responded to Raja and posted it there (Max is driving me crazy thread).

    I have a PS3 (non six-axis) wireless knock-off. I redid the StikShift patch for it. It uses the more standard gamepad 0,4,8,20 elements for the four axes so it should work more readily with xbox/ps3/pc game controllers. ANYONE with a game controller, please at least download this and try to see if it works on PC/Mac and with what gamepads. The Monitor layout is different and the Aux Modes are activated using the dpad and menu button so that is different. Would love some feedback.

  • muhahahahaha!
    received my joystick today.
    just got home after a long day (11:30pm now) and found my joystick in the mailbox.
    first 'dry' check of your app (without actually triggering anything): seems to work!

    At the weekend i can check my microsoft dual sidewinder pamepad with your app's other version.
    will report back.

    Thanks for an seemingly easy way to conect joysticks/gamepads via max.
    Over & out!

  • I hook up the midi through MidiYoke and then can stream it to Ableton or whatever. Looking forward to feedback. I need to make several videos, one of them using this app.

  • yeah, that's my way of routing midi from max to live.
    worked with every other app, so should be fine with yours, too:-)
    'll check on weekend.

  • Lemme know if you use the gamepad much. I am planning on actually changing the z/throttle dial/slider in the main screen to the same dot/screen used for the x-y axis.

  • reporting:

    - StikShift_gamepad_v0.2:
    Microsoft SideWinder Dual Strike not fully working.
    recognizes x/y correctly.
    buttons being recognized: 1-5

    - StikShift_0.2:
    Microsoft SideWinder fully working. :-)

    Logitec Extreme fully working. :-))
    (besides some bugs/feature requests)

    My z-axis seems to have seen some heavy use. as soon as i touch the joystick z-value drops to 52. :-(

    besides that:

    - would it be possible to change some buttons/trigger to midi-out Notes instead of CCs? or is there a way i can change that (max/live)?

    - you should default the axis preset "north" to the cc set you set them to in the main app. otherwise: once you have selected the axis preset-selector (button 1+3) you can't return to your cc setting from the main app page.
    (hope that makes sense)

    - i tried mapping buttons 7-12 to mute tracks in live, but when set to toggle they just mute the track and don't unmute them.

    - once activated the axis/button seletorv mode for the POV hat stays active: the POV hat changes the axis/buttons CCs sent, so you can accidently trigger different cc presets.

    - there's no button-cc-preset-page, so i have no idea where to change and store. soring them using the 'store 1' 'store 2' ... buttons doesn't work.

    puh - guess that's it for the moment.

    now i have to think of interesting live-parameters/effects to play with - any suggestions, anyone?

  • Thanks for the feedback, some things to work on. when I redid some of the stuff it may have changed the presets save feature as they might not store for bpatchers, just not sure.

    : midi notes: yes, I need to work on that. I'm going to add a new window for that and probably utilize 1+6 to activate that, or possibly switch to using the 'base' buttons to switch that. It'll be a few days to a week or so.

    : you should be able to return directly to your main page cc settings when you exit the alternate mode. I'll have to look at that

    : toggle mute, let me give it a shot and see what's up, I'll get that fixed first most likely

    : the POV button selector mode should not be that way, I don't think, I'll look at that first as well.

    : button setting preset page, yeah when I redid the interface to make it smaller that all got changed. It's in my plans, I've just been researching building a reactivision table so I haven't looked at this for about a week. Now that there is some feedback...

    : I'll just have to take another look at the presets.

    Regarding anything else, as far as usage or flow, do you have any requests for the way things are mapped/setup or other modes (besides note mode)?

    Thanks for the feedback, it's the first. I'll try to get a couple of those things fixed in the next day or so. I'm not used to this process so it'll be a bit to get used to .

    @everyone with a joystick, please give it a shot.

    Also, good to know that the sidewinder works. Unexpected but nice. The gamepad one was specific for me and a PS3 clone controller. I actually need to try it with a real PS3 controller to verify. Main thing is I can't get accelerometer data from it. I also can't get the motion in joy stuff to work.

    @trppng, one last thing, regarding the z-axis, have you messed with the deadzone and also recalibrated the joystick (in the start menu type game pad and follow the path to properties for the stick.)

  • @trppng, so the dual strike has 9 buttons and the one x-y axis right? So that should mean that you have 4 buttons not registering, correct? Let me know. I'll also start working on the other bugs/requests over the next couple of days. Finally enclosed my arduinome/mk keypads in a nice cherry enclosure and praxworld faceplate and now working on the sparkfun arduinome 64/ st8 midi 8 controller.

    I guess on the dual strike there is also the 'perspective' control? So maybe another axis? Have you tried the dual strike with the regular stikshift patch?

  • as i said:
    //''- StikShift_0.2:
    Microsoft SideWinder fully working. :-)''//

    another thing:
    I can't get useful ranges for non-centered effects (centered: pitch-plugin/parameter - you have a 0 center position and +/+ 12 steps/semitones for example, non-centered: hi-pass frequecy)

    is it maybe possible to split the axis to send 2 CCs, one for the joystick-range from the middle position upwards, one for down?
    or any other idea?

  • @trppng,

    Yes, I can have the patch send two different CCs (one for each half of the axis) no problem. It will take a small bit of patching, but nothing too complex. It's really just making sure I implement it in each area. I've learned a bit lately about how I could have better done some of the patchers and am still learning so I'll add that to the work list.

    I do however have a bit of a stall. I decided to look into the toggling behavior with muting you were mentioning. Whilst doing so I realized that I am quite possibly sending out too many messages, two or three for each on and for each off. I have a bit more learning about handling MIDI properly to make sure this works right. I do, however, now know that it is a problem.

    One of the things I worried about was putting too many features in the patch, both for the sake of ease of use as well as ease of debugging. I need to figure out how best I want to implement a multiple CC per axis switch. Strangely enough that was a possible original Aux Mode but I abandoned it trying to get other things to work.

    I will further look into fixing the toggle thing. With the new info in my head about midi I should also be able to tackle the note sending at the same time.

    About your other mention, +/- 12 semitones and also centered parameters, could you give me more explanation of what you are talking about so I might be better able to patch it?

    One last thing, I'll look into presets tomorrow, a preset page as well as problems with saving, and for that matter, an autosave/or at least press write and a file is written without the need for a dialogue.

    edit: trppng, would you actually just want a mode where the x or y could act as a pitch bend?

  • Pitch bend is tricky. You never want to accidentally trigger it, but if you're using a button for safety ("move in Y while this button is held"), you risk accidentally leaving it bent when you release the button. Which might be the desired result, so you may or may not want to protect against it (by bending back to default automatically upon release of the button). It's very much a "you won't know what the plan should be until you try to use a completed version" thing, so plan on a few iterations.

    Or something. I'm tired and rambling. Ignore me.

  • Great!
    Thanks a lot. I guess, my logitech extreme with your app will become a great addition as a effects-controller.

    well, the 2 CCs per axis should solve the "centered" problem when midi mapping different effects.
    as it is, the joystick (sending one cc with a middle position) works just for "centered" effects like pitch-bend or pan, where you have an equal range on each "side" of the axis.

    Thinking about it - GTZ has a major point there:
    would be good to have a extra button you have to press when changing pitch, and also beeing able to "freeze" a certain pitch-setting and being able to release the joystick (without the pitch changing back to 0) in order to manipulate different axis/CCs/effects with a 'fixed' pitch setting.

  • You know I hadn't thought about the centering fact. I had, however, thought about something just like what GTZ mentioned, ala a temp effect setting. Something like where you can set the parameter, leave it be, then reset it to default or something. Once you get into using one stick or set of controls for many things, it starts to become a bit more complicated under the hood. I've got my work cut out for me, but will see what I can come up with.

    I think I may start looking at dedicating the base buttons 7-12 to certain features, at least in one mode. I think it would be easier, even if you know you have two hands free for a second, to do some things that way, though my desire has been to write the whole patch so that you could use one hand for everything.

    Incidentally, even though the joystick is definitely right-handed, as am I, it's been on my left side for all the patching, so I've gotten used to using it that way, including the '2' button on the left handle side.

    @GTZ, you're points are always (at least so far :P) welcome.

    @trppng, I will probably go back to having some form of joystick monitor in the main patch so saving presets is more straightforward. It shouldn't matter though. Once you've got presets sorted, etc, I imagine a user shouldn't need to look at the window past stick/midi out selection.

  • dont need a monitor, just some way to save the presets & get out of the axis-cc-selector mode.

  • Just want to clarify, you are talking about Axis CC Pre On-The_fly Mode right (1+3)? All you have to do to exit is 1+3 again. However, without the monitor you might not know, that I understand. would you prefer to be able to get out of that mode? Or should I say, how do you want it to work? I think the axis selector mode can be handy, but I can understand wating to be able to switch back to a default or 'main page' setting as well. If you use your laptop/comp as any kind of monitor, I could actually just have a very small monitor for modes and maybe preset info.

    Right now it's basically something that you toggle into/out of. 1+2 takes you back to your main screen settings right away. I do need to look at how those are assigned for when you have presets as right now it is set to 12,13,10,7. Let me know how you'd best like it implemented otherwise. As is, 1+2 should take you out of that mode, I guess you just need to be able to set those main page settings with assurance that they'll stay.

  • well, i'm at work now, but I'll try later today, just to find out how it's working for me at the moment/ as it is and how i want it to work.
    thanks again.

  • btw:
    i prefere working without a monitor/laptop screen.

  • I think I'm going to revert back to a few things. I spent lots of time making nice little pop up monitor windows for something that probably doesn't need them. I think I'll back that off, reintegrate monitors for programming and see what I can do. I'll look for your feedback later.

    Think it might be time to buy the full max...must not spend...

  • regarding axis-preset-control (buttons 1+3):
    i know what confused me. when pressing 1+3, the standard axis preset from the main app page stays activated.

    how does everyone feel about that?
    maybe it should be disable. that would be great for screenless control to know that your in axis-preset-mode (1+3) by having the axis not respond until you chose a preset (south, north, west, east), or leave the axis preset mode by 1 +3.

    that way one could have the main effect-controlls on the main preset and some additional, less used fun effects on the 'cardinal points' presets
    & you can't accidently activate the axis-presets by the hat. as i'm triggering an effect with the trigger button 1 , and want to have other effects on the buttons 2-6 it is quite likely that i trigger 1 +3 accidently and then change prestes, again accidently.

  • @trppng,
    would you rather the aux modes be accessible from the side buttons rather than a combination? Ie. you would use buttons 7-12 to access alternate modes?

    The reason I have things the way they are now is that it requires combinations to enter the modes, less likely to happen accidentally. However, using the base buttons it would be even less likely. The other reason for having them atop the handle is to get to them with one hand, but if it is not necessary I can switch those modes to the base.

    At any rate, for now you know you will exit out of the axis/user/pre CC with the 1+2 combination.

    If you'd like I can throw some quick fixes up for switching the aux modes on/off, some of the other stuff we've talked about will take a bit longer. Hat will still be for selecting preset banks, mode will determine whether it is for buttons or axes or both. This will tie up buttons 7-12, however, but the trigger and the other 5 handle-top buttons will be available for assignment. I will also disable sending from 7-12 unless you want one mode where all buttons are accessible. Uniformity would probably be best.

    I also need to add a mode where the axes are turned off/cycled off to make assigning the top buttons easier in Ableton so those axes aren't accidentally sending data.

    If you can parse through all that let me know what you think would work best.

  • ok, i guess i prefere the aux-modes as they are. have to get used to it, but it makes sense - and using combination of button presses seems the most elegant way to have a maximum number of buttons left for controlling effects.
    i really like to trigger beat-repeats/delays for different channels/tracks in live by the side buttons 7-12, so please don't set them to change the axis/button-cc-presets.

    another idea/request:
    it would be nice if the axis-cc 'remembers' it's value when changing to another preset (and freezes the first cc-value when switching to another preset).
    so i could pitch everything, choose another cc-preset & still have everything pitched-up and then apply some 'second-order' effects (like filter, delay,...) on the pitched audio.

  • @trppng, I apologize in advance. Some of the changes I wanted to make are going to take a bit longer. I opened a thread about a problem I am currently having, perhaps just on my computer. Could you tell me whether the toggle mode seems to work at all for you. If it is working, then when in toggle mode, the button light will stay on obscuring the button number when you press a button. When you go back to default momentary mode all buttons toggled on should clear back to their default view.

    I may have to go back to the original patch and rework from there which will take longer as I modularized some stuff that I want separated so I'll be repatching from there on about 60-70%.

  • I started messing around with the playstation 3's sixaxis controller today.

    this made it work in OSX Lion:
    (the [hi] object listed it in the uMenu, polling it revealed no numbers. though, that may not have been what fixed it. the other factor that changed is that I was trying over USB when everything failed. now it's over bluetooth)

    The accelerometer data is hard to make heads or tails of. Like, I think the numbers coming out of 69 are rotation data on all three axis, identified by the numbers coming out of 68. There are two different booleans which both seem to identify whether the controller is held upside-down, but I suspect those are also selectors of some kind. Not sure.

    Ignoring all that, there's still a lot of data to play with.

    DIGITAL (1 for press, 0 for release):
    7 is the select button
    8-9 are clicking the thumbsticks in. L3, R3
    10 is the start button
    11-14 is the D-Pad. up, right, down, left
    15-18 are the triggers. L2, R2, L1, R1
    19-22 are the face buttons. triangle, circle, x, square
    23 is the Playstation button

    That's all well and good, but here's the fun part: most of that has an analog equivalent - the buttons are all pressure sensitive.

    ANALOG (0-255, so two CC's worth):
    35-38 is the D-Pad. up, right, down, left
    39-42 are the triggers. L2, R2, L1, R1
    43-46 are the face buttons. triangle, circle, x, square

    and then, of course, the two analog sticks.
    26-27 are the left stick. x, y
    28-29 are the right stick. x, y

    Those are also 0-255, but "centered" isn't necessarily 127. it may rest anywhere from 120-135

    So, yeah. That's a lot of potential, even without making sense of the accelerometers...

  • I've got some ps3 controllers, but wasn't able to get them properly interfaced through windows, I may try again with usb, the motioninjoy stuff didn't work for me though. I also couldn't get any accelerometer data out. I would love to use that controller as well however I also need to make some darn music and stop tinkering so much :P

  • Oh, yeah. Music.

  • @trppng,

    Interesting news for you. I will likely go back and work from my original as the sel object is not behaving weirdly there. Interesting thing about assigning buttons to Ableton for the Mute/Solo/Record Arm bits. The mut is looking for either a 127 or 0 CC message (or note on/note off possibly). The Solo and Record Arm buttons function from momentary actions, so each on/off pair is one switch for them. Ie. the solo and record arm will work properly only when the buttons are in momentary mode (that is they only behave the way you'd probably want them to in momentary mode). The Record Arm only behaves the way you'd want with buttons when they are in toggle mode. Perhaps I will rewrite the patch to allow the buttons to either be all toggle/all momentary/ or user preset override so that some can be momentary and some toggle. This could be saved with each of the four user presets. It will be a bit more work there, but I think useful for you and anyone who would like to be able to solo a track. Mind you, you'd only have up to 6 tracks you could do one of the three with, but it might be all you need. Let me know if you are interested.

    That's, anyway, the explanation for why it won't unmute, it always ends with 0 in momentary mode and I'm not sure the toggle mode is functioning properly on other computers.

  • @trppng, quick update, back on track. did some reworking, skipping use of sel for some objects. I'm basically undoing some of the encapsulation, so the patch will look busier but will be more transparent. Adding a user preset section and will tie main preset for axis to North On-The-Fly setting (I think). Not really sure about per button toggling. I've changed a patcher to a bpatcher in the toggle switching section so that changes apply to all buttons so it's feasible, but would be bulky and I'm not sure if it is worth it. I could have an alternate preset where you not only set cc channels but also toggle mode for each button. That is a consideration but will have to wait.

  • Update: version 0.3.

    I went back and made some changes. Strangest thing is that the sel object works fine for some parts, not so much for others, so changed some to togedge where it worked.

    I reworked things so there are no pop-up windows. I'm thinking about putting a small pop-up monitor window together about the size of a widget, just to keep track of things like Aux Mode and Toggle/Momentary Mode. You can save all your presets now and there is a nice area to set the user main presets. Additionally the program will save without you needing to name a file. It will save SlikShift.maxpresets in the same folder as the patch.

    I didn't include on-screen instructions about presets, but anything changed in the number boxes, etc. will be saved to a preset when you shift-click on a bubble. Make sure to click Save before you exit. Let me know if you find any problems. I will still consider a per-button toggle option, but not sure if it won't cause more problems. None of the changes are very tricky or elegant, though I've learned about three or four new objects, yet again.

    I didn't spend really any time on the interface this time because I wanted to focus more on having it work right. I simplified the button layout so if you want it laid out similar to before for identification, let me know. I also added an Aux Mode to disable the axes (1+6). You can reenable with either 1+6 or 1+2.

  • presets. that sounds so good to me. :-)
    was working on some effects in live and thinking about utilizing the axis presets.

    have i mentioned that the joystick should be my effects-machine for my mlr set-up? (along with a nanokontrol for volume and send/dub-delay/reverb control).

    so i have 6 groups of mlr routed to live.
    buttons 7-12 of the logitech extreme joystick always gonna set the mlr-live-tracks' send to 100 percent and route mlr tracks to my return with an effects-return controlled by the logitech extreme joystick.

    think my main preset will be something like
    y axis: madshifta
    x axis: "one knob filter"
    y axis: madshifta
    z trottle: whammy pitch shifter (to "lock"/"freeze" a certain pitch-setting, kind of a "toggle" setting for axis;-)))

    and then a second axis-preset will control a beat-repeater/grain-delay.

    maybe a third axis preset to enhance my dubb-delay/reverb returns.
    it should be fun to have the filter & feedback on the ping-pong delay controlled by a joystick instead.

    buttons 2-6 always trigger the same effects.
    therefore it would be super helpful if you could set them to 'toggle' / 'momentary' INDIVIDUALLY.

    would that be possible?

    . testing v.03


    [error: [[see images attached]

    417 x 410 - 68K
    1342 x 838 - 145K
  • oy, that shouldn';t be happening and I'm probably missing a bpatcher there. Let me get on it.

    Regarding individual settings for button presses. I was giving it some thought and had an idea about how to handle this best. I think what I will do is actually modify the presets area to give each button a toggle switch to set the mode: momentary or toggle for that button for that preset group. I will then remove the AuxMode selector for toggle/momentary. Later I'll use that selector combination to activate a note mode, but that will be a bit yet. This way you can have four preset configurations for your buttons where each buttons toggle mode could be set how you want it. How does that sound?

    Edit: attaching a version with the bpatcher and that window closed.

  • :-))
    superb, sir, superb indeed.

  • oh, forgot to mention:
    if i start stikshift_v0.3.maxpat it open like on 1.jpg attached above.

  • Check out the new rar I put up, let me know if you have any problems. By the way, regarding the multiple ccs on a single axis (ie, x axis equals two sets of parameters) I am figuring out how precisely I want to do it. It will possibly allow invertable axes so you can set whether each direction goes up or down, regardless of the direction you push. I changed the AxisScale patcher to a bpatcher for the purpose of patching that in. It will take some figuring though I'd like to try and get it done this week, definitely no promises.

    I am also considering just replacing the regular four presets sections with the on-the-fly settings anyway. You'll still have those four sets available when you change your overall preset setting (1+4 mode) but you'll also be able to just access them using the otf mode without changing the button settings.

    I haven't given much thought to how to freeze an axis setting yet, though it'll probably involve me using a new object like coll or table so more learning there. I'll get around to it as it's a feature I'd like to be able to activate somehow but I'm running out of button combinations.

  • looks soo nice, really!!!
    just checked it, seems to work fine :-))

    will do more testing tomorrow after work.

    i get an error in the max window: ''3+: bad number''

    besides that: i just can see the north, west and north-west 'points' for user-preset-otf-presets (buttons 1+4) (see picture). is that correct?
    changing to the north-west preset is quite hard, cant it be accessable by south or east?

    thanks for your work! i think i'll have some great fun with this one.
    good night!

    1071 x 724 - 155K
  • Yeah, forgot to update that one in the rar, reupping for you. As far as teh bad number, another pic of the max window would be great.

  • ''3%: bad number''

    and maybe the axis from the main axis preset are interacting??
    just tried to map the y axis to a track volume control and it went nuts. constantly changing...
    have to sleep and try again tomorrow. will report.

  • user preset- buttons are all there in a circle.

  • Will look into that, probably messed something when rewiring.

    edit: tried it out but seems fine, axes are a bit jumpy but don't really know of any way to smooth out their data as it comes through. I might look into changing some range settings to see if it will map changes a bit slower, perhaps using line but I haven't really had issue, at least in max, maybe sending midi ccs is a different story when the signals go out of max.

  • ok, so that's going on:
    main preset seems to send cc12 for all axis only!
    i can't get another cc number than 12 when trying to midimap any axis to a live parameter (volume control on a 1 track).

    buttons 7-12 still behave as before:
    if midi-mapped to mute/unmute a track, the track just gets muted and stays muted. the midi-mapped button (7) then behaves like a momentary switch, but with the track muted and you have to push & hold the button for it to unmute.
    this happens in toggle AND momentary mode.