[music] voxel - poptartdust **monome+mash**

  • http://soundcloud.com/digdugproductions/voxel-poptartdust

    voxel is a new project me and a friend started recently
    a minimal noise drone experiment in live ear candy.

    this was a live one take improv consisting of an omnichord, sp303, yamaha pss470, a mic, a circuit bent sleep therapy device, and a monome running mash.

    we run everything thru a gambit of pedals and fx, and record loops w/ mash.
    the result is a washed out atmosphere of booming fuzzed out cacophony for your meditation.

    hope yall enjoy and thanks for listening =)

  • This is great. I can't believe it's live! It sounds so studio trickery-like.
    Weird yet coherent. I love the looming-like feeling it conveys!

  • thanks much! really appreciate it man

    lol yea all live, lots of button pressing and knob turning and stomping and flicking and head swivelling.

    but the array of fx and +mash are really where the magic is.
    sometimes i wish i was on some mortal kombat goro arms shit tho

  • thanks SRS!

    used mash at a live show for the first time over the weekend. testing out the new setup in the wild, went off without a hitch!

    the photographer lady at the show was enamored w/ all the lights. she musta snapped like 50 pictures of my gear.