maker faire bay area 2012

  • Who all's attending, and are any of us performing this year? What time(s)?

    And on a related note... what else is going on in the bay area this weekend?

    Any shows Friday night? =)

  • All right. I'm flying up in the morning, so if anyone -is- playing tonight, you should have spoke up sooner. Unless the goal was to have me miss your show, anyway. At which point, I'm flattered.

    Definitely attending the faire Saturday (with my little brother and his family in tow). No plans for that evening. And I'm pretty flexible about Sunday, if anyone's all "skip that noise and hang out in our coding circle" or something.

    Then the sun becomes a crazy ring of fire around the moon. I'll probably end up staring at that from the SJC airport parking lot, 'cause I need to be back there eventually. But if anyone's got an eclipse party they've been dying to invite me to, this is a good time for them to step up.

  • Let's reuse this same thread for 2013, 'cause it got such a great reception last year. Anyone performing in or around Maker Faire this year? Will you be attending this, or anything else in the area? If one were to say hi, where would they find you?

    I'll be there. I know AlphaNerd's working the CCRMA booth all day, but he's there too. Who else?