Morph Filter - A Max for Live device for Live 9. Filtering fun time!

  • just finished a new version, few updates and the user interface updated to keep with the live 9 m4l colour scheme.

    check it out and let me know what you think!

    easy monamies,

    got a little project i've been working on, inspired by my producer mate Kursa ( apparently you can't find these morph filters very easily so i had a go at knocking one up. the ui needs work, it won't be that wide in the end heh, and it has a few problems with the presets. but i hope you guys find it useful or at least a little fun to mess around with until i finish a release version.

    unfortunately the filter design object in maxmsp doesn't let you make resonant filters and the the other max filter objects are only second order filters (about 12db), but if i get the time i might do a bit of research on filters and could think about working on something more advanced in gen~ that allows you greater order filters and greater slopes, 48db sweep and morphing would be awesome :).

  • Sweet! I'll check this out over the weekend, for sure.

  • new simple version. no lfos and just basic preset storage. added the ability to change the filter type of the 6 filters you crossfade between. let me know what you think.

  • How is it supposed to work?

    I can't get any sound unless totally dry...

  • oh it only works with max 6 i should add.

  • i have Ableton / m4l / max6 runtime but still...

  • is ableton using your install of max 6 or max 5 when it's running m4l? you can check in the ableton preferences.

  • otherwise it works pretty similar to the morph filter in ableton's sampler, but with more options for each filter you're morphing between.

  • oooo never seen this first time round. cheers james.

  • new version of the Morph Filter for Live 9, see the top post and enjoy!

  • nice, that'd be fun to add tilt control to

  • 'monamies' put a big smile on my face ;D

  • I'll be DEFINITELY using this for bass lines and other FM madness. thanks Myr!!!

  • thanks will check this out