so you think you can dj

  • hi all

    i'm a long time stalker of this community and i thought i'd make some sort of contribution..

  • nice work! good job mixin' the songs, and the tech side is very intriguing. what's the controller on your arm?

  • thanks - it's an i cubex bluetooth midi controller with a pair of accelerometers attached to it. (

    and i do realise that the music isn't particularly's more of a demo of a setup i've been working on out of frustration of general software 'djing' these days :)

  • love the setup. haven't seen multiple monomes used as individual decks before, but i like the idea. and the touch osc crossfader is a slick addition.

    not to mention your mix is dope. good stuff all around.

  • it seems like the art of djing is disappearing. it's embarrassing to watch a guy up on a stage tweaking a few knobs..

  • Wow! Great set! Really nice transitions and breakdown moments. It's cool to hear the popular music combos you've created. You made "bringing sexy back" much more interesting than the original.

  • you got the love......... haha very sick love the setup! waht all are you running on the monomes?

  • thanks for the feedback guys

    the monomes are just in midi mode running through ableton
    i have some m4l scripts doing things like handling the switching of songs and subsequently slowing/speeding up the tempo, filtering the accelerometer data..etc.
    one row is used to call up 'scenes' or a bunch of clips

    overall, it's nothing fancy but it works for me :)

  • Yah i'm definitely gonna add my love to this, and it was funny to see you always battling the gravitational downward pull of your sleeves. definitely been there.

  • sleeves 1 - me 0

  • Wow man this is pretty bad ass. Love how the accelerometers have you dance in a way. Honestly brilliant work all around man.

  • thanks raja..completely agree with what you're saying..
    it's great to see new devices break boundaries of music and performance.

    also..this is nothing really in comparison to the stuff you do..

  • Sweet set dude. It's also nice to hear a set that's not strictly dance music, in the modern sense.