DIY Speaker Cabs

  • Have any of you looked into this? Anyone seen these speakers in action?

    any other types around? I can only find these, they seem good based on the rave reviews, but I'm a little skeptical about the fanatic hive-mind nature of the users...

  • I have looked into these actually. The builds all seem pretty legit, but with these things you often get guys who get off moreso on woodworking than actually getting the speaker built and using it in an amplification setting.

    I opted to just work with some custom builders to get what I needed so that I could actually make music and not spend hours dealing with cabinet construction.

    Also, if you're going down this road, I would also recommend this book:

    O'Connor is a genius.

  • I'll look into that book. Af far as the pains of construction goes, my dad actually owns a really small contracting company. So he's got an absolutely enormous horde of tools and whatnot, and he knows how to do all of it. I showed him the plans and he was all "Pfft - that easy, wheres the hard stuff?!"
    So i was thinking that it would be a cool father - son project. And then I have new cabs. hah!

  • party in yours!

  • Definitely a cool father-son project. Get that book I mentioned, then take that info into consideration as you settle on a DIY design. Then go for it! If I wasn't so strapped for time, I would have built my own as well.