Virtual MIDI Output Query?

  • I've downloaded the application flin, connected my monome and got it working straight away, but I've noticed I have a bog standard piano sound named "AU DLS Synth 1" in the virtual midi output list. Is there a way I can select a stand alone softsynth or send MIDI out to an external device? I've noticed you can select Max but I'm completely new to it, and I havnt activated yet as its a demo.

    Many thanks!

  • If you are on Windows, you need a 'virtual midi cable' to route the signal out to something other than the default Windows synth.

    LoopBE (just search that on Google) has a free version that allows for one virtual cable (out from one app and into another). You can buy a version that allows for more in/out pairs.

    Once you install it, set flin MIDI out to LoopBE Out and in your chosen app set the MIDI in to LoopBE In. I use this kind of set up in Reason and it works beautifully...

  • Ah right that does sound straight forward but sadly which i forgot to mention Im using a mac.

  • On Mac, "IAC Bus" are your search keywords.

    But, here:

  • Macs have a built in MIDi router. Go to your Utilities folder and open Audio MIDI Setup. Select the MIDI window from the view menu. Here you can configure your MIDI routing.

  • Cheers guys i will try and sort it out tomorrow when Im back on my computer :-)

  • Wow! That's amazing!

    Got it working no problems with my Cs80 v2 soft synth :-)

    Is there a reason the guy on the video creates a new bus, as in IAC Bus 2 or doesn't it matter. Also, will this be saved, as in when I shut everything down will I be able to load flin, select IAC Bus 2 and away I go?

    Also, if I use more than 8 layers in flin it goes a bit crazy, is this because I only have the grayscale 64?

    Now I've realized the power of the MIDI studio within Mac osx, is it possible for the IAC driver to talk to my external Roland Jx3p? Or would I have to go through a DAW to achieve that or add a new device to the MIDI studio environment?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Many thanks :-)

  • The settings you make in Audio MIDI Setup are saved so any bus you created will still be there when you next use a MIDI application. You don't have to have Audio MIDI Setup open even - The routing/buses are always available to MIDI capable apps. So, yes, next time you open flin you just need to select the IAC Bus from the dropdown.

    If you have a MIDI interface you can route MIDI to external hardware, like your Jx3p. Your interface will appear as a device in the MIDI window of Audio MIDI Setup and you can create the necessary routing to and from it there.

    Don't know what video you're talking about but, generally, you only need as many, or few, busses as you're using. It depends on how you have your MIDI routed and if you encounter any feedback issues as to whether you'd want to do everything on one bus or not.

    Not sure why flin is going crazy on you... You're probably right about it being the size of the grid you have though.

  • Cheers that makes sense now. Yes I have a Motu 828MK2, but its set up with my other macpro atm. The actual video was the link provided at the top: the fundamentals of midi routing, its just something I noticed during the tutorial.

    I've also delved a bit deeper since then by creating another IAC bus in order to run battery 3 and the cs80 v2 at the same time using refmatrix :-)

    Now I'm thinking...Can I run lets say refmatrix and the party van at the same time?

  • You'd have to use something like Pages to run multiple monome apps simultaneously as the routing of the serialOSC communication needs to be filtered/controlled.

    But it should be possible to send signals from apps that have gui, say flin, on your desktop and use refmatrix connected to your monome.

    I watched the video and can't see any reason why Stretta would specifically create and choose IAC Bus 2 - It's maybe just the way he has that system set up.

  • Thanks, I did see an app called monoswitch under utilities, but it looks as tho its not serialOSC, and I don't know if it actually runs applications simultaneously either. My perfect combo would be say refmatrix and the party van. What's pages then? Is it something I can use with runtime?

    Cheers :-)

  • "Pages is a monome application that allows the simultaneous execution of multiple other monome applications on any number of devices."

    It's a java app so there's no need for Max but, as you mentioned it, Max Runtime is fine for any Max based app... You only need the full version of Max if you're planning on writing/tweaking any apps yourself.

    Have to say I've never actually used Pages, but it's one of the apps that everyone raves about.

  • pages is powerful, stable and fairly well documented, in my experience. Well worth a look.

  • Cheers, I've just downloaded it but there seems to be a lot of folders for ableton. I thought you needed max for live, which is something I need to get my head around a later date. I was under the impression this app would be a stand alone app that would let you change between monome apps on the fly. Again, correct me if I'm wrong as its all quite new to me.

    Thanks :-)

  • Max for Live is a version of Max that resides within Ableton Live (if you purchase it) which allows you to create devices for Live. But Live can receive messages from exterior software and controllers without Max for Live.

    As I understand it, Pages includes a bunch of Live specific support but isn't exclusively for use with Live... Not having used it, I don't know if it depends on Max for Live to do that. It doesn't matter if it does unless you want to use those aspects.

  • no dependency on max for live whatsoever. Pages uses abletons python scripting api, not max. It's got the best implementation of a live clip launcher ive found, as well as midi notes and step sequencer etc. And some new implementation which lets you script your own pages, but i haven't really dug into that.

  • I'm quite confused over max for live, If I purchased Max 6 separately from Max, which is roughly £160 educational, and I had ableton Live 8.2.2 or higher would that be it? Its just Ive noticed on Ableton's website that IF you already have Max, its £79 but if you don't its £199. So for me who doesnt have max, if I paid £199 from the ableton website, would that mean I own Max 6? as in my original plan to purchase the education option?

    If I went for the lot, what advantages would I have with my current grayscale 64... Sorry for the question as I should of started a new thread for this.

  • If you want M4L you have to pay for it on the Ableton site (or purchase a license from somebody. They come up fairly frequently in the trade threads here). M4L will work on it's own without Max (you might need Runtime?) but is discounted if you do have Max.

    There's not a specific advantage in owning Max as far as your gs64 goes... All the Max apps that are out there will work with Runtime, and if you want to write your own apps Pure Data is similar to Max and is free.

    The best way to get your head round it all is to download the free trials and see what they do. The trials time out though so I recommend only downloading them when you have time to dedicate to sitting down and working through it a bit.

    edit: Just to clarify... If you buy M4L you DON'T have Max.

    And while there's no specific advantage to owning Max unless you want to write your own apps, having M4L will allow you to utilize the M4L monome plug-ins that are out there and gives you more options for what you can do, and how you do it, with your gs64.

  • Cheers, thanks for the heads up :-)

    That makes sense now, I was simply getting confused with M4L and Max. Now I know they are separate, that's cool.

    Just perusing the Pure Data site now, it looks good. I've noticed Java is popping up quite a bit, which is a shame as Ive just spent the last 8 months learning ActionScript 3.0. What Java front end is used? is it Eclipse?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I'd start a new thread for that one... Pure Data and Max are not my areas of expertise - I'm more of a sound guy.

  • Ok, no worries. Like you say, I should plan a day when I can investigate everything from scratch :-)