Holy Maxedo Basteman, Max and Live are 33% OFFFFFFFF!!!!!

  • Okay, so I saw that Ableton was having 33% sales and was thinking to myself, man I wish Max would have a freaking sale as I have come close to purchasing but really couldn't afford it (and still really can't/shouldn't!). However, Max and the gen are 33% off for two days. (Live also has everything including live packs for 33% off). If you are thinking about getting Max 6, or Max4Live or Live or anything else, so, to sum up (and yes this is an awkward time if you want any new monome stuff and Max/Live/M4L).:



    time to decide...

    Can't decide whether to get teacher Max+Gen ($200) as I am an educator and qualify or M4L crossgrade in case in the distant future I could write something to sell. Not likely but..

    Oh yeah, the upgrade routes for owners of 5 are under $200.

  • Yesssss! I've been waiting for a sale so I could grab an M4L license.

  • Cool thing about m4l license, you can open ableton then edit max5 patches all you want. Only sucks that Max6 won't work that way yet and you cant do standalone. $167 for m4l is pretty good! 66 for crossgrade for those of you that already own max (5 or 6)

  • oh yes... perfect timing. as if june 15 wasn't already pricey enough. m4l time.

  • $169 for max with student license... wow

  • I paid full price, and regret nothing.

  • ...related to that purchase.

    I mean, sure. In a more general scope, I regret lots of things.

    Mostly things I've eaten.

    The fattening things which I can't even remember eating, but whose weight I still carry. Those were poor decisions, across the board.

    Sorry. What were we talking about?

  • Help me out oh wise ones... Should I get M4L or upgrade to Ableton Suite? I can't afford to do both, I'm not even sure if I need the suite for M4L or whether it works OK with the 'vanilla' Live 8...

  • M4L works without Suite, I'm pretty sure.

    I guess you get more effects and processes out of M4L, and deeper customization potential, but you get more sounds and instruments out of Suite.

    I use the Suite instruments and effects way more than I use plug-ins. I find the uniformity of the Live interface helps me work, rather than having to switch gears into someone else's mindset when I open a plug-in. And there's a ton of great resources/tutorials online for learning what does what with the Live - I learn better by watching and emulating, than by reading a manual (but the Live manual is pretty decent anyway).

    But I just bought M4L and am stoked to have it again after trying the trial. It makes it possible to really individualize your sounds. And maxforlive.com is like a candy store where everything is free.

  • you don't need suite for m4l...

    can't help you with the decision. it depends if you want more sounds. suite has some very nice sounding synths (and libraries of course; I don't have suite so can't tell about them)

    as of monome connectivity, I often use apps that weren't ported to m4l, really depends which apps you use..

    there's generally a huge amount of patches on maxforlive.com though, some very small but very useful, some more sophisticated.

    if you want to patch or learn to patch, m4l is the choice of course... it's a cheaper full blown max/msp/jitter in live (with some limitations because live handles the ports). you could even edit "normal" maxpatches...

  • Thanks dm483 & l00p,
    I think you are both helping me lean towards M4L, I should have said this before, but I want to use the analogue synths I have with Abletons built in instruments as adjuncts/support rather than the main sound generators (but those extra instruments and effects in the full suite //are// nice!) - however, the idea of learning about & playing around with patches & accessing the 'candy store' intrigue me!
    ...Ableton seem to have these special offers quite regularly, so if I'm patient and the timing is right the chance will come around again for upgrading to suite!

  • It's all your decision, but right now I wish I'd just saved the money on Suite. Yes, some of the instruments are nice and all, but sometimes I realize that I have 'too much' syndrome. Too many as well, choices. Live offers all the instruments, Suite is just the Essential Collection and the Session Drums (2DVDs for that btw). I DO like the drums from the suite I should say.

    However, when I purchased I also got m4l for free, couple of Aprils ago. I didn't use m4l much but when I started patching recently was I glad I did. Even though you are limited, you CAN open Live, then a Max editor. Then you can open any Max 5 patch you want and patch/edit/save,etc. You can run those patches with Max 5 runtime all day long with or without Ableton open, you just have to have it open when editing.

    It will come down to your decision. Max4Live does have some REALLY cool tools and better yet, more are made all the time, you can make your own. Question really is: do you want to be able to make/patch your own stuff or have more sounds to play with?

  • if it weren't ableton I would say it smells like an upgrade coming soon..
    but they've had reduced prices before without something new coming.

    but the same over at C74? I guess I would be way more excited about finally using max6 in m4l than about a new version of live. (would love to have multi monitor support though)

  • @shimoda: know what you mean. that's the reason I dislike large sample libraries.
    (it's also easy to have too many plug-ins)

  • shimoda brought up a good point: There is a reoccurring discount cycle. Ableton have had "Spring" and "Winter" sales for 3 years running that I know of, including the "get M4L free" offer (I just missed that last time. My Edu copy of Suite arrived late and I missed the deadline).

    And I've seen C74 discounts on a few occasions too. Though I'm a less frequent visitor to their site.

    @shimoda: I actually found that having Suite made me throw away the majority of the (free) VST and AU plug-ins I had, which were bogging me down and, in many cases, were just a different flavor of the same thing I had already. I now have less but know how to use it better.

  • @dm483,
    interesting point about the VSts. I, too, have kept around a few that I like, and still do. Organized Trio being one. It's not the best, but it is pretty good and Ableton, for all it's wonder doesn't have the best electromechanical keyboard sounds/devices. You don't have drawbar style control and it's something that I miss. I could, of course, try to write my own max patch with sliders and all (rofl) but that is eons away. I do agree though that having Suite has given me a few good sounds. I still, however, happen to find Reason Pianos Yamaha D refill one of the best sounding piano samples and I just love playing it. It's the next best thing to having one and the Baldwin Acrosonic Piano I have in my house is just too LOUD to enjoy playing. I really wish I could have those Reason refills in Live without rewire.

  • That actually seems pretty doable.

    You really need an 8x9 grid, though. So, maybe a 128 required, or a Novation Launchpad. Or a TouchOSC template. Hmm.

  • One can just about always count on you GTZ. I'll admit, I actually thought this out about a month ago. I have an old m-103 I hacked into a 'portable' (200lb beast of portability) mini organ (44 keys and only foldback on top). I also have an extra m series tone generator and 4 key manuals sitting around. So I'm quite familiar with the way it generates sound. Good article though. I really just spoke out of my butt there, but maybe this should be the first poly I tackle in Max. (Yeah right!)

  • Thanks all, I'm going the Max for Live route! Now to find the time to learn it
    So it's a Max5 engine in M4L & you can only import/edit monome apps wriiten in Max5?

    PS Speaking of VST/Au's - I got an email from Arturia today saying their MinimoogV Original will be FREE on 21st June!

  • Max 6 only has a small handful of objects that weren't present in 5. More often than you'd expect, apps are backwards compatible.

    (for me, the upgrade was, and is, about workflow. It's just easier to work with and learn...)

  • Thanks,
    Had not planned on spending much this week but have been meaning to upgrade for a while . . .
    Now to check out a bit of Gen and other new stuff in 6 . . .

  • @artpunk: holy cow, must mark off the 21st!

    Max6 purchased!

  • @artpunk & shimoda: Post a reminder on the 21st please! I always forget to check my calendar. I'm that guy that always gives the last minute birthday gift :(

  • Will try to remember, you should use google calendar or the like, it's marked on mine, their website has a countdown timer.

  • Yeah, I'm kind of disorganized when it comes to calendars, software or the old school hanging-on-the-kitchen-wall variety... It's like my kryptonite. I just have a disconnect.

    I worked out my own solution and set that countdown page as my homepage!

  • m4l purchased. w0000000

  • not so patiently awaiting my activation confirmation e-mail for teacher purchase from Cycling. A bit nervous as in if they wait and for any reason deny, I'll lost the chance to purchase the max4live crossgrade...

    not so patiently waiting...

    @away, congrats! welcome to the world of patching!

    side note: if Ableton releases a free Max4Live Max6 update I will be $200 perturbed (doubtful that will happen though. I think we can probably expect OSC native compatibility in Live before that (hah!))

  • @shimoda,

    I'd email cycling74 (and possibly ableton) preemptively now.

    They're both pretty good about honoring their deals after deadline when there are extenuating circumstances like this, so if they do have to reject your teacher application, you should be okay. But it wouldn't hurt to give them a heads-up, and who knows? Doing so might escalate your approval process.

  • what's the problem with using max6 in the context of m4l?

  • No problem, IF you have a Max6 license, however the current Max4Live allows you to use Max5 as your editor. Ableton has said they are working on Max6 compatibility though I'm sure it will be a paid upgrade. If you own Max 6 you can use it as your editor, otherwise you can only edit with it for Max4Live for the 30day trial.

    I e-mailed Cycling 74 and am awaiting a reply. I also emailed Ableton but not about that as they don't handle the max 6 crossgrades. The page Cycling 74 links to lists teh Electric Piano live pack from soniccouture as $33 and for that price I would probably bite, but when you go to add it, it says $60. So I emailed about that. The Ableton page that Ableton links to says $60. However, both pages are on Ableton's site.


    http://www.ableton.com/3days-33percent - the second one you click to see the price.

  • yay! i already own a max 6 license. time to explore the synergy.

  • One call to 74, serial sent!!!

  • Congrats! You're going to love 6. (the workflow improvements really suit your learning style)

  • All activated!!! Homebrew B3, here I come (in a few years!)

  • I have max4live now! I'm glad I have some holidays pending, can see some serious exploring coming up!

  • FYI, it has been extended at Ableton and Cycling 74 till Monday!

  • downloaded moog vst.
    hope ou other people remember as well!

  • god, Live 9... where ARE you......

  • downloaded it and activated on my desktop but won't let ne activate on more than one computer.