Who's biting?

  • I'm on the fence for purely financial reasons, what other reason would there be. Buyers please gloat!

  • i feel like i have a problem, don't think i can gloat.

  • I want one so damn bad!

  • Oooops. I accidentally a 128. :)

  • I'm hovering over the order button. I just bought an APC40 that I haven't even touched yet, so I can't justify another purchase. Damn you.

  • I discussed the purchase of a 256 with my wife and she grudgingly agreed I could put it on my credit card on the condition I also bought her a dress. Seems a fair deal to me!

  • I'm hovering..

  • @restless, I'll buy your wife a dress if you'll get me one!

  • "Hi, my name is Raja, and I'm a monomaholic."


  • @restlessboy:

    You could get the short end of that stick. Some 'designer' dresses cost far more than a 256....

  • i ordered a 128! woo! so excited, i've wanted a monome since they came out!

  • I can't complain. The dress cost less than the postage on the monome. :)

  • @restlessboy: Don't take this the wrong way, but can we do a wife swap?

  • How could he possibly take that the wrong way?

  • I dunno... People are weird, you know?


  • I've been following the community for awhile and messing around with nonome, but I had to jump on the 128. Anyone else in the Brooklyn area grabbing one?

  • thanks for the support everyone!

    just a quick note that we're sold out of gs64.

    @backtowarwick pretty sure there is a small army of monomes in brooklyn!

  • @tehn hah great to hear - this borough has a bit of a thing for blinking LEDs and small-batch anything.

    ...i think a brooklyn monomeet is in order.

  • I am happy to say I have a 256 with my name
    On it.
    Still wondering how flush it will sit against
    A gs128.
    Any other Aussies stay up untill 3 in the
    Morning hitting refresh?

  • @dm483 dunno, does your wife have the bus power upgrade?

  • I take the bus daily. Ain't no power there.

  • @4aron I also stayed up till 3am clicking that refresh button meticulously.. but totally worth it to know a 256 is on its way to my over excited hands.. now to patiently wait by the mail box... =)

  • @4aron, & andrey, congratulations cobbers! Unfortunately due to budget constraints this time around I had to choose between getting a new laptop or a new monome, so didn't sit up late. For the moment I will be patient and content using my GS64 and older walnut64 along with the new laptop (whenI get it)

    P.S. 4aron - If the GS128 **//doesn't//** 'work' next to your new 256 and you consider selling it (the 128 //or// 256) in future, please consider this fellow Aussie!


  • @restlessboy:
    "I refuse to answer the question on the grounds that my wife may at some point in the future stumble across this thread and therefore dramatically reduce my life expectancy."

  • @dm483 I think yr probably in enough trouble already ;)

  • @artpunk
    I'm all ready looking at making a black silicone mould to sit the 256 in to make
    It sit flush.
    Barnes.com. Au Have all types, do it your self, Easy as well
    Thanks for the offer tho, I'll keep it in mind.

  • No money this time round. Listen, what cities you Aussies in? Anyone in/near/around Brisbane?

  • I'm Brisbane,

  • @4aron //I'm all ready looking at making a black silicone mould to sit the 256 in to make it sit flush. // - sounds like a great idea given the new walnut looks to have its faceplate flush to the walnut edges, please post pics when you get that done! (& thanks for keeping me in mind in future if you ever need to sell either)

    @fluxta - I'm in 'sunny' Melbourne, LOL

  • @4aron

    You up for a monome meet. A very 'mini' one! Just two of us ;-)

  • @fluxsta
    Give it about a month and I would be keen,

  • another melbourne-ian here =)