2012 walnut monome - new user introductions

  • hello everyone,
    feel free to slap my wrist if this is a duplicate topic, or in the wrong area of the community, but i wanted to start a small thread for all of the new monome users coming out of today's 2012 walnut monome release. a bit of a freshman class orientation if you will...

    name: ian (back to warwick)
    location: brooklyn
    music: soundcloud.com/backtowarwick
    monome: walnut 128 (2012)
    how i discovered monome: late-night web surfing circa 2008

    anyone else just "officially" joining today?

  • @Raja - you're not from Oakland Beach, Rhode Island, are you?

  • @Raja ah, that makes much more sense. i figured the chances of you being from the small coastline oakland beach, rhode island were slim to none.

    any other new users out there? or maybe the 128s and 256s were more upgrade purchases..

  • I suppose now would be a good time to chime in. I don't know that I've posted to any forum before really, but I'm often reading posts on this one. I purchased my first monome (greyscale 64) a month or two ago and was immediately hooked! I purchased a 256 2012 Walnut edition yesterday and I can't wait to get my paws on it!! Okay so,

    Name: Cc (Casey Cuts)
    Music: beats and stuff
    location: Austin, TX y'all!
    Monome: see above
    How I discovered: YouTube I think

    That's all I gots Fo now. Happy to be a part of this community!

  • Hey guys.
    I discovered this website in the beginning of 2011. I was originally going to buy a 128, but I got a really good deal on a 256 in March of 2011, which I bought instead. Best decision ever. And once I caught wind of the new editions with 16 steps of variable brightness, I put my old 256 up on the forum and purchased a new 256 at 1 o'clock yesterday.

    I've been working for about 10 months now with my friend Cory McClung (protocol from the forum) on a few Max for Live plugins that I will be using with my 256 to create music and play it live, and we finally got the app working perfectly last week. Cory basically took a lot of the ideas that I had, and helped design the whole app for me.

    But now with this out of the way, I have a lot of other new goals that I would like to accomplish. I have two monome kits that I would like to finish building, and I would also like to get a better knowledge of programming inside of Max with serialosc. I have a basic idea for a step sequencer, and I would like the app to take advantage of the 16 steps of per led brightness that the new 256 has.

    Name: Steve Nalewajko
    I make electronic music using Ableton and Max for Live
    Location: Baltimore, MD

    Thanks so much to Brian and Kelli for these amazing products, I can't wait till my new 256 comes in next month.

  • @nowawakelow - any chance you'll be posting your patches up on maxforlive.com? I'd definitely be interested in checking them out as I'll also be looking to use my monome with Max for Live in a live setting.

    I've been building generative synth in Max for Live for a few months now and am looking forward to use the monome as a front end for that. The early proof of concept can be downloaded here: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/1049/generative-1

    I'll most likely post an update this week with all of the adjustments that have been made in the past few months before I tear it open again to work with the monome.

    @Cc - 2 monomes in 2 months, eh? you're on a roll! I can see myself doing the same thing once the new arc is announced, but I'm going to try and talk myself down from that until I'm fully comfortable with the new 128

  • I don't think most of us post things at maxforlive.com that *require* a monome. (we'd take over, to their detriment; that community shouldn't have any particular hardware bias)

    And also, we've already got a central repository for those apps. You can find them in the doku when they're worth posting, or in the forums while they're still very much experimental.

  • @greaterthanzero - nice, thanks for the tip.

  • Born in the bay area, raised in LA, studying architecture upstate new york at cornell. Never really been a forum member and to be honest never really felt deserving of the walnut 64 i got my hands on in early 2008. i used to use it for my hackjob max patches many hours into the night but at nowhere near the understanding of most people on this forum and found it rather daunting - definitely the wrong approach since it is anything but, mostly welcoming.
    decided to jump on a new 256 in a celebratory splurge to force me to dive into it again, and i couldnt be more excited.

    name: giffen clark ott
    location: ithaca/brooklyn
    music: drone
    monome: '08 walnut 64 (soon to be sold i think) and new quartersawn walnut bled edge aluminum 256!
    discovered: standard geekery - http://youtu.be/Rob-u6rTA60 tehn rocked my world at 3:09

  • @giffenclarkott - you still around Brooklyn? I'm definitely looking to set up a monome meet after hearing how many are around here. Also... if you end up wanting to selling that walnut 64, let me know.

  • @giffenclarkott,

    I'm torn between "nobody -deserves- a monome" and "everyone deserves a monome".

    But, you took a first step in obtaining one, and a much larger step in actually hacking together anything. Sounds like nothing to be ashamed of there!

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're diving in again, and I think we all look forward to seeing you off the deep end!

  • @backtowarwick
    i now live primarily in danby, a fingerlakes hamlet, but come in to brooklyn/nyc fairly regularly for work opportunities. would love to hear about any monome meet if it does happen. also will let you know about 64. a much more competent max/msp friend of mine - goes by SlugA here on the internet - has had his eyes on it for a while.
    definitely understood and can agree. definitely put a lot of stuff together, definitely a musical introvert. we shall see if i share things any time soon.
    definitely glad to be throwing myself infront of the monome train again though.

  • hello.. i'm away message, a perpetual new user. onwards infinity.

  • @backtowarwick
    I'd love to share them with you, it's just not a good time right now. I just sold my old computer and won't be getting my new computer until the middle of July. All of our patches are saved to my dropbox account so once my computer comes in I'll share them. And by the way they only work on Mac right now :)

  • @away message - joined in 2009, eh?... you're a veteran! Did you bite on either of the new editions?

    @nowawakelow - thats just fine with me. It's going to take me quite awhile to get the 128 up and running with my current patches anyways.