Arduino Boards

  • I was not sure weather to post this in the arduinome section, or here, but here goes...

    I am interested in purchasing an arduino board to start learning the fundamentals, then eventually incorporating Max at a later date for a project that will hopefully consist of inbuilt sensors in clothing that when triggered, a midi signal can be transmitted back to the computer to actually do something. Also, incorporating the monome would be nice at a much much later date.

    I just need a little advice on what arduino board to purchase i.e. the mega 2560 kit, or a duo kit, etc. As I don't want to purchase one that won't be suitable for Max, if that's at all possible.

    Any help would be much appreciated :-)

  • if you want usb midi i would go for the teensy

  • Cool, I did not come across that one on the arduino website. Is it an add on, or clone?


  • Neither, it's a proprietary board based on the atmega32u4, so it has built in USB capability. It can present itself as an HID mouse/keyboard/joystick/etc. It also runs arduino code for the most part using the teensyduino program. It's a sweet little chip because it can do midi natively where it can be a PITA with arduino. The Teensy 2.0 has a decent amount of a/d ins/outs and the ++ has even more.

  • Nice one, I've had a read and it looks good. I take it it would be best getting one with pins, as I don't want to be soldering just yet :-)

    Is there a reason its a pain getting midi from arduino?


  • You have tyo compile with the Lufa stuff I think and it's just plain not native. With the teensy, you set it as a midi device, set up your code and the computer automatically identifies it as a native midi device. ST8 and Bjorn used it for their 8 Midi Controller project:

  • Wow!

    That midi controller by ST8 is lush :-) All that from just tiny teensy board! Well this has helped me grasp the fundamentals, but programming it is still a mystery as I don't know C, and only written 1 program for arduino which was getting the led on pin 13 to flash. Just need to see if they post to the UK :-)

    So basically, I could operate the teensy through the arduino front end, using all their methods, etc? If so do you think its worth getting a basic arduino board just to get the hang of it all first?