Conjunction of...

  • ...the Planets or something? This is a very good time for the creation & release of new gearz. The new monome series, a new macbook pro and a new **//MOOGERFOOGER DELAY//** * (i love my foogers)!
    It is, also a very bad time if you haven't actually got the budget tomeet the massively bloated demands your G.A.S. requires of you (as in my case)!

    *note: //probably// it actually looks like a hybrid child of the 104 delay and 108m Clusterflux!


  • My guess is it will be called "Analog Time" or something. The answer to the riddle is definitely "time." I agree with you that it looks like a hybrid between the Clusterflux and delay. The controls almost look identical to the Clusterflux with a "long/short" rocker instead of the flange/chorus switch.

    Sounds great on those drums!

  • I just want CV LFO out!