are the 2012 GS 64 varibright?

  • i know this is a simple question and i was trying to find if the answer was in another post... and got tired of looking...

    i got a 2012 64 GS and i can change the brightness in monometes.maxpatch but is that the same...sorry if this is really stupid : (

    ...sooooo is it?

  • no. they are not per-led-variable brightness.

  • very light: yes! full score!
    varibright: nope :(

  • hi, i'm new to this forum and community and still not a monome owner, but isn't it said here ( that:

    "the new edition of monome devices will support discrete per-led brightness levels. this has some considerable implications for future application developmentĀ—visual differentiation of states, control elements, etc."

  • the "new edition" is the 2011 walnut edition and on.

    Most likely the greyscale is going to be discontinued.

  • very bright yessss! bummed though i mean why wouldnt they be? but the new editions are going to be?

    oh wellss : (

  • It says on that they most likely won't because of manufacturing difficulties.