• Gather around, people, the time has come. Time to release MCRPv13 into the wild.

    A remix project exploring obsolete media, cassettes, DATs, laserdiscs, dictaphones, minidiscs, games console cartridges, wax cilinders and anything else you may have to hand that everyone else has forgotten about.

    Released on double-sided cassette. Even if it's on your iPod.

    side a: steveoath - 1603 / artfwo - contact / ioflow - shifting sands / kinetic monkey - loose terrain / expairofmentalists - land of eyes / rawore - eye stutter / tigerhouserules - ka'nigh'ther / paperthintiger - hiatus / back to warwick - salt

    side b: declutter - answer bravo / shimoda - thrift store junkie / thisiscoty - o / trppng - retrospective nostalgia / lokey - wordmaker / poorpot - down / 4aron - blast form the past / crake - bible studies / artpunk - are you listening? / phonkeeREDone - bubo bubo

    Awesome photography by the awesome artpunk.

    The curator would like to thank all of the Monome Community for helping to create this album. Everyone is amazing. Samples sourced via the Monome Community forum by: antiphon, kinetic monkey , coty, trppng, 4aron, shimoda, lokey, wednesdayayay, artfwo, egon77, artpunk, steveoath, xpm, rawore, declutter, ro, ioflow, pirxthepilot, poorpot, backtowarwick, atari5200, paperthintiger, and red.



    Okay, humans, I have received 18 tracks from 18 artists. It's VERY important that if you've submitted to this compilation that you make sure that your track is below. The tracks are listed in no particular order as monometag/artistname/trackname. PLEASE MAKE SURE THESE ARE CORRECT and reply to this thread with any amendments. I'm still waiting on a couple of artists that have had technical difficulties with uploads, so this probably won't happen tonight, but I'll organise and upload the tracks as soon as I can. Thank you to everyone that's participated.

    4aron - 4aron - blast form the past
    steveoath - steveoath - 1603
    ioflow - ioflow - shifting sands
    trppng - trppng - retrospective nostalgia
    kinetic monkey - kinetic monkey - loose terrain
    declutter - declutter - answer bravo
    artfwo - artfwo - contact
    red - phonkeeREDone - bubo bubo
    poorpot - poorpot - down
    paperthintiger- paperthintiger - hiatus
    lokey - lokey - wordmaker
    shimoda - shimoda - thrift store junkie
    xpm - ExPairOfMentalists - land of eyes
    crackedworld - crake - bible studies
    thisiscoty - thisiscoty - o
    back to warwick - back to warwick - salt
    rawore - rawore - eye stutter
    artpunk - artpunk - are you listening?
    wednesdayayay - tigerhouserules - ka'nigh'ther

    EDIT: wednesdayayay was late, but seems like such a nice guy. Shall we let him play too?

    if your track was submitted but is not here please email kineticmAThotmailDOTcom

  • my father in law just has given me an old revox :D so it's time to discover what's on the tapes, i'm in!!

  • It's going to be tough to narrow it down to just two samples, but I already know I'm going out and about with my cassette-corder to see what I can get!

  • yay another mcrp! though i have a shortage of obsolete media.. unless a turntable counts as one?

  • I'd hate for people not to participate because they don't have a cassette deck. I'd rather some vinyl samples and a pirxthepilot on board, than no vinyl samples and no pirxthepilot.

  • Count me in.

  • time to have a look at my LPs again. most of them have been given to me for free, so there should be many trash-albums ;-)
    I also grabbed my remaining childhood cassets before my mom could get rid of them and distribute them to friend's children.
    Some great ones were lost that way, but i'll listen through the remains as soon as i can.


  • Oh, and I'm in, btw.

  • btw: i really like the term "obsolent media".
    seems like a nice title for this compilation/cooperation/version of the MCRP.

  • does the old game boy count?
    [games console cartridges]
    im all about zelda sampling

  • damnit, so I do have cassette players but that's too easy. It's that damn Tascam 2000x reel to reel I have to get going. Bought a capstan belt a year ago but it's a few hours to get it to working. I guess this is my impetus!

    I am in....

    now who knows what's on all those old reels of middle school choirs....sounds like MiddleTron

  • i'm in! Just found a used cassette recorder on kijiji, after i secure that, i have an awesome recording of the hobbit from my youth...

  • i will be glad to be a part of this, count me in

    also i would be more than happy to pay donate toward postage, extra tapes whatever you may need

  • 4aron - OF COURSE game boys count! I'm a massive chiptune fan - even did an album once (

    trppng - I'm not sure obsolent is a proper actual word?

    wednesdayayay - thank you for your kind offer. Lets see how many people actually get anywhere near finishing, and then I might set up a tip jar for any donations.

  • )yeah! +1 for zelda sounds


    hahahaha, meant 'obsolete', even though it doesn't sound as good to my ears as 'obsolent'. so my taste must have taken over the linguistic part of my brain.
    this could be the beginning of a very creative weekend :-))

  • I would love to take part if a relative newbie can play?

  • I'm in. I was actually in San Francisco this morning and before leaving stopped by a super awesome junkyard/goldmine called Urban Ore. I found a strange spirituality cassette called Introduction to Abraham but I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the bible's Abraham. Looking forward to mining it for some wacky shit.

  • In rummaging through some old tapes looking for samples I found one from my answering machine dating back to......wait for it......1987!

    Yeah, I'm old.

  • Sounds cool - I shall have a rummage round and see what comes up.

  • I've been meaning to dip my toes into a mcrp for a while. Count me in.
    Time to dig out the old dictaphone!

  • artpunk - it's a free for all - if you're feeling the love, join in!

    antiphon - in 1987 I was 3.

  • I was born The last day of 1987

  • @ kineticmonkey - cool! Thanks. I'm in then!

  • ok, for me...

    now where did I stash that answering machine?

    and loop cassettes!

  • "In 1987 I was 3."

    Let's not be a bringdown, shall we? ;-]

  • I'm in. It's been a while and I need to get my MCRP on!

  • im in for this. my first mcrp actually! a long time lurker, with a newly acquired tape deck.

  • by the way if any cassette-ophiles are interested i just recorded my first track to tape on soundcloud

  • sure, i'm in.

    i have a yamaha mt4x multitrack cassette machine, and my original 80s walkman. both are good for destroying whatever sounds are fed into 'em. i actually did something rather like the theme of this MCRP a couple weeks ago for the 22nd disquiet junto. recorded my juno 106 to oversaturated tape, and then sampled the natural hiss/artifacts of the cassette, processed with renoise, to become all the percussion. was a ton of fun!

  • @kineticmonkey haha awesome i'm in then! though i will try to drop by the local flea market to see if i can score some cheap old gear. i'm excited already!

    @ro - delighted to have you in the mcrp! im a big fan :*)

  • GREAT! We've got 20 people signed up now, which means at least half a dozen of us will submit finished tracks :p

    psyched to hear everyone's samples. Get submitting, people!

    @ioflow - I've loved your recent mcrp contributions. Thanks for signing up again! - Awesome disquiet track!

  • I'm in!

  • If there is still room for entry, I'm in.

  • @Raja - wha?! C'mon!

    @Poorpot - my Austrian amigo!

    @backtowarwick - There's as much space as time on a C90 - that said if tonnes of people manage to finish this before the deadline, I'll pop my paypal address up for any donations towards postage etc. Lets see how may people finish tracks.


    RO! who has already submitted samples!

    Brilliant work, man!

  • i'm definitely keen to get involved!

    you've probably all seen this before, but it seems pretty relevant...

  • @kineticmonkey, after everyone submits their samples, it would be good to let folks know what our 'share' of the tape time is, id be keen to work within the restraint of a fixed time, and use that to inform the song structure and bpm, etc. ;]

  • Samples sent!

    +1 to lokey's idea. Of course, as I well know, not everyone who submits samples (ahem!) submits a finished track. But it would suck if the finished compilation was too long for the tape.

  • As for tape length and fitting everyone's track I would be fine, if you needed room, to omit my track from the cassette. I think it's cool that this thing would be on cassette and distributed but I'm cool either way.

    If my track does fit in then I would most definitely be happy to pitch in for postage and cost of tape.

    @ayande: That's a cool site! I think I should also share another site for mining purposes. It's called the 365 Day Project. Too bad the name is generic because it will ultimately be buried in google searches of other 365 Day projects but what they did was upload an obscure recording every day for a year. Many contributors added tracks and wrote up some info on how they found it and what it is. All of it is bottom of the bargain bin vinyl, unlabeled tapes, home recordings. So many random and funny stuff.

    Just click on one of the numbers in the top left hand corner.

    This recording was one of the first things I thought of when I heard about this cassette idea:

  • Samples submitted. +1 to lokey's idea as well.

    Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but how is visual design typically handled for the MCRP releases? Are designs submitted and voted for/randomly selected/etc - or perhaps @kineticmonkey handles all design.

    I'd be happy to throw some ideas into the mix if it is the former.

  • as long as people are communicative, we'll just calculate on the fly. People are generally pretty good at admitting they're not going to make it by the last week...;]

    in a pinch, im not above doubling the bpm and rerendering a more uptempo version of whatever i sort out...

    album art is generally sorted out through the process of amorphous forum blather, same as everything else ;]

  • hah thanks for the clarification @lokey.

    By the way, I am a huge fan of your work on MCRPv11. Ace track.

  • ahah, i get my mondays con-fused. they're always doing that

  • samples submitted!

    i couldn't resist having a bit of fun with my samples, so...i took a few minutes to come up with a little ditty. this is the result:

  • @backtowarwick, ahh, shucks. thank you!

  • DESIGN - I've already got a few ideas for design, but am happy look at to other suggestions - just post them below. For ecological, economical and durability reasons I'm going for a card sleeve cassingle type design rather than a j-card and jewelcase design.

    SONG LENGTH - I don't really want to limit people; I think we're all mature enough to understand that it's a comp which for conceptual reasons will be released as a side a and side b track. If everyone else on the comp has submitted tracks between 2-4 minutes and someone submits half an hour of white noise, they're gonna come off as a little self-centred. Anyone who sends in anything over 6 minutes may be asked to do a 3 minute edit of it. Lets just say that there are around 20 people signed up so far, so if I end up using C90 cassettes, we'd all have around 4.5 minutes. Some submissions might be shorter, some might be longer.

    RELEASE - I'm gonna be ordering custom length cassettes so that this plays well. This will mean that I'll have to wait a week or so for my cassettes to arrive followed by another few days of copying them. So the plan is I'll just release the digital tracks initially, then the cassettes will follow a few weeks later. On this note - who do I need to talk to for the MCRP bandcamp website password?

    Naaaice. I've got samples from 4 people so far. This is gonna be sick!

  • kinetic, shoot me an email and i can give you the bandcamp deets.

  • How can one resist such a lineup, count me in !

  • Sent samples (had to rush them as I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks - hope they're not too rubbish!!)

  • I have started getting back into producing after a long long break. I have always wanted to enter one of these but never thought I would have the time.
    No I think it's time to step up. At the moment I don't have any sample sources but I still have 2 weeks till the deadline. I will get digging asap!!