Live monome / modular jam

  • Hey kids - This here is a 7 minute jam from the other night. Everything but the reverb and compression are live to 2 tracks with no overdubs. I got a little dubby with audiodamage EOS after the fact because I couldn't help myself.

    monome-y bits are polygome sending sync to the modular and triggering the TX-18z while i edit it live on the ipad (too much fun). Xor is creating the monster analog pad drone on the matrix 6r. Pages is helping me run and play with them both.

    modular bits are the drums. bass is a doepfer 24db lowpass with the usual envelope trickery going on. Snare and hh are a bit of white noise. Snare through a bit of doepfer digital distortion and the HH through a HP filter. There's a bit of cross modulated VCO happening in there as well. The rhythms are being driven by a combination of the RCD and SCM courtesy of 4ms. The kenton pro-solo is sending a 10% pulse synced to polygome to the SCM to stay in time (which it does pretty well).

    Hope you enjoy. I don't usually get this jammy, but well, here it is.