arc prototyping photo

  • it dawned on me today that the photo on the news page of the arc prototype components is of a single knob..with a single space faceplate..

    what could this be?

    maybe the new arc 2 and 4 series will be made of separate faceplates per encoder? maybe an arc1? possibly this photo is for an encoder to be included on the new buchla/monome device alluded to..

    so many questions...can't wait to see what brian and kelli come up with

  • it says it's a photo of the arc prototype.
    but indeed i'm dying to have some news about the monome/buchla device.
    at least to get an idea of what we're talking about.

  • internal parts shown-- form factor will stay similar to the original.

  • @tehn
    If there is any chance for input still.

    Would really like to see some possibility for a button, maybe close to the knobs, to create the same possibilities for clicking modes, holding while turning etc.

    That one little possibility for different states creates enough interest to make apps creative and beyond run of the mill.