Flac to Wav conversion troubles

  • I own some J.Lennon home tapes I want converted from flac to wav and I'm having some issues. I've tried every program available for mac and I can't get them to convert. My last resort is to have the stereo output go into 2 inputs on my audio interface. I'm skeptical to do that because these transfers are direct copies of the original 1/4" tape so I don't want to muddle the audio with artifacts from the da/ad conversion. This would be a great project for any Beatles fan.

  • Have you tried XLD? Works for me: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/23430/x-lossless-decoder

    And I take it you mean John, not Julian, right? :D

  • Mr. John Lennon and I have XLD. Any other suggestions?

  • I guessed right!

    Weird. XLD works for me, not for you though, huh? How 'bout Audacity?

  • First, check to see if XLD has installed the command line flac tools for you. You can do this by typing "flac" in a terminal window. If it's installed, it should provide you with details of its operation.

    If it's not installed, get "FLAC tools for OSX" from http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html This should install the flac binaries required for running FLAC from the command line.

    Once you've got the tools available on your command line, cd to the directory containing the files you'd like to convert. Then, type "flac -d your_filename_here.flac" for each file you'd like to decode. If this fails to work, there is likely a file encoding issue with the files. If this is the case, the command line tool will provide as much detail as available as to why the process failed. Google search on this information might yield some useful results.

    Give that a go and let us know how it works out.

  • I've always used [[http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/14246/xact|xACT]] without any problems, so might be worth a try.

  • If your using XLD and it will not convert FLAC to "anything", the error is on your side, not the program. go over your settings in XLD, and maybe trying to reinstall it with the current version.

  • It's easy to convert FLAC to WAV without quality loss today. Here is a tutorial to help you at: http://www.faasoft.com/articles/convert-flac-to-wav.html

    This guide applies to:

    1. Convert FLAC to WAV, MP3, AAC, AC3, DTS, AU, AIFF, and etc;
    2. Convert other audio formats to FLAC;
    3. Extract audio from video files.

  • no matter what you're going to get artifacts, might as well go with the interface if thats your only option

  • FLAC to WAV should absolutely be a lossless conversion. No artifacts to be expected.

  • Woah, necro bump. This problem was kinda solved a long time ago. The flac files had encoding issues in the firs place and XLD (and every other program) would give error messages when converting. Sometime this summer I'm going back to the studio and will convert the reels myself. Thanks for all the help anyways guys!