New Beat Tape! Free to download.

  • This instrumental EP is a beat tape of soundscapes and hip hop infused rhythms with a side of glitchy electronica inspired by wet summers and the stoicism that inevitably invades welsh shores every June. Just enter "0" at the checkout if you'd like this album for free.

    Thanks, Monome community for the inspiration, the awesome apps and generally being a friendly lot. Enjoy the tunes.

  • thank mate, chipped you a tip ;]

  • Awesome! Cheers lokey.

  • nice! "unbolted" and "polydactyl" are my jams. just what i needed! some good dirt'n'distortion on those.

  • Nice beats man. I really dig "my consciounsness hounds me".
    So... are Simeon, Drift, and Kinetic Monkey all the same?

  • Glad you're enjoying!

    @Baubie - My name is Simeon, people call me Drift, and Kinetic Monkey is the band I'm in, which is usually myself, my vocalist Bex, and occasionally my drummer Matt. You can hear them on the previous EP. They were unavailable for fun this time.