Lemur Template for Minimoog V Original

  • Since getting into Max recently I decided to try and figure out how to use the Lemur for iPad editor to create a front panel interface for the Arturia Minimoog V Original VST that was recently given away.


    Also posted on the Liine user library.

  • I just thought 'oh cool I'll download that', but then remembered I never actually got round to buying the lemur ipad app. Good work though. If I do download it, I shall return. :)

  • Awesome! I will try this tonight.

  • Quick note: some of the knobs are pre-mapped in the VST from what I can tell. I used those same mappings, the rest you'll have to do manually.

    If I get time I might do a touch osc one, but since this one is finished...

    I'll probably modify this to work with Minimogue VA since that one is free and also sounds pretty nice. I may make a template with several pages for the old Soundfont.IT free vsts I like (Organized Trio, Mr. Tramp, etc.)

  • Nice! I will def try this out tonight ..thanks

  • Added another template for users of the full version. Used a demo version to make the template.


    Some back panel stuff was NOT midi learnable so isn't there.