FS: beloved 40h w/custom wood enclosure

  • having a real problem letting this beauty go, but i'm gathering funds for upcoming monome releases, so...

    for sale is a 40h kit i put together a few years ago with a custom built enclosure with dado corner joints. the enclosure is a combination of blood wood and curly maple with beautifully intricate grain.

    the unit was made with bright white led's and an adonized aluminum faceplate.

    it has only been used in my home studio and is in perfect working order..i've never had any problems with it whatsoever. it's been babied for sure.

    i've posted it on ebay with a low starting price ($200).


    here are some pics...

    take a look.

    640 x 426 - 36K
    640 x 426 - 32K
    640 x 426 - 34K
  • whoa that is beautiful....does it have the regular sized buttons or the slightly larger ones? looks like the regular..?

  • well..i think it's regular for the 40h kits...definitely bigger than the 64 buttons though..

  • bump..

    ends in 1 day, 7 hours..don't go to bed tomorrow night without bidding.

    take a look..

  • bumpity.

    ends soon..

  • relisted..

    lowered reserve.
    added free shipping.

  • bump.

    one day left...

    an inexpensive alternative for those of you wishing for a 64...