arc gesture recording?

  • hello..

    has anyone thought of or worked on gesture recording with the arc? where the beginning of recording would start when contact is made with the encoder and then plays back once the the encoder is released?

    i could see this being very useful in many applications. similar to pattern recorders on grid based apps.

  • i use a onebang object, one press to 'arm' the recorder, then the next press goes through the onebang and triggers recording, which then loops around.

  • "pattern recorder" is a better search term. "gesture" tends to mean something else in this context.

    Anyway, yes:

    NOTE: the arc has no idea when contact is made or released. there is a button in the encoder (of all prior editions, but not in future batches), which requires a more deliberate press than you probably imagine. But lightly touching the knob, if you are not actively moving it, is not detected.

    (that's not to say your idea won't work; it just requires four buttons which may have to come from an external source)

  • see this is why id a touch sensitive arc knob top plate, as a replacement for the mechanical knob. That would enable proper scratch-type motion control.

    i suppose that you could do something similar to 'released' by monitoring the input stream, and cutting the recording off when some period of significant inactivity...

  • @lokey,

    That's how I handle it, when I handle it. It's a little less instantaneous than I'd like, but the alternative is to have false cut-offs when you didn't mean there to be. (there's an example or two early on in the "arc devs, come play" thread which implement that)

  • arcorder is great..